Saturday, January 30, 2016


On the Wednesday before Christmas the Sallay family woke up to no power and a pretty cold house, and as the hours passed it just kept getting colder and colder. Stella and I were worried because we were expecting everyone over for a cookie decorating party, so when the heat and lights came on after being off for hours we cheered and yelled hooray.

I'm currently a bit hungry and looking at these pictures of the cookies we made is kind of torture--they were delicious. Finn and Porter were only interested in decorating about one cookie each. It was more than I thought they would want to do though. Porter only liked the sprinkles and Finn liked spilling sprinkles all over the place. Once those amateurs were out of the way it was time for the real professionals to take over and there were some very creative cookies made. I would like to eat one now...wish I could.

Also, I might as well add some pictures from when we made our first gingerbread house the night before cookie day. It was pretty fun and we were able to dig through all my old crappy candy I can't seem to throw away and we made a great looking house. Brent spent most of the time trying to get his mailbox to stay up, and thankfully in the morning it was all solid as a rock.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This year the Sallays were a part of the Christmas Sunday program at church because we had been working really hard in the ward choir. Stella looked adorable singing in the soprano section. It was just unfortunate though because her little face was blocked by a giant poinsettia. Thankfully she sounded amazing. After church we headed outside for my annual Christmas Sunday photo shoot.