Sunday, August 13, 2017


On Wednesday morning May 10th, Stella didn't feel too hot in the morning. We had a few of these days after we got home from China. Days where for whatever reason Stella wasn't up to going to school in the morning. We would of course just hang out together in our pajamas. This particular morning the girls were being so cute together and just so sister like I got out my real camera and took some pictures.

A few things come back to me as I look at these pictures. The newness of our relationship, and how it still felt like Vivi had always been there. How tickled I got seeing Stella make her laugh, and also I wish I had taken two seconds to wipe the egg off of Vivi's nose. ;)


Vivi's second birthday was getting close and I knew I wanted to do a little photo shoot of her in one of the dresses I bought for her in China. We have this one tree that is close by that has late blooms and so I wanted some pictures there before they were all gone. Poor Vivi was having NONE of it. She was scared of the grass and she didn't want to stand and smile not AT ALL. I was still able to come up with some of my classic tricks to get some pictures, but it was pretty mean what I put her though. Stella, Heidi, and Wyn all stood by and had to let me do my thing while letting my baby cry. At some point during the 15 minute shoot I am sure that they realized I had no heart at all.

Still the in the end the pictures turned out lovely and I certainly have more than enough of my little girl in her pink Chinese dress. Knowing how easily she can turn those drama tears on and off, I actually really like the crying ones. I took these pictures on Thursday May 4th.

We had to take some behind the scenes pics too.

We took a few more at the house, because she was in a good mood again. And then she had fun riding bikes with Stella and Wyn.