Friday, March 16, 2018


Vivi loves sensory type play. So of course being the brilliant mother I am, on February 9th I decided to get a few things together to make her a bin of beans or rice so she could have some fun playing. We made a trip to the dollar store to pick up scoops and funnels. Vivi insisted on holding the basket while we were shopping. It was like she knew we were at the dollar store just for her. Then we went next door to Sprouts to pick out what would go in the bin. We picked out some dried split peas, I don't think Vivi cared, but I liked the color.

By the time we were done, it was nap time so Stella was actually the first one to get to play with the bin and she and I were INTO it. When Vivi woke up, we were ready to show her our favorite ways to play. She LOVED it. I put down a blanket because I knew she would not be good at keeping the peas in the bucket. And I was right about that. As time went on, the whole thing became more of a sensory "area" rather than "bin". It kept Vivi busy for a good hour and I kept checking on her. Her face of concentration was simply adorable. I loved how she would find new ways to play with the peas all on her own without any help or guidance from us.

She was doing pretty good at keeping the peas on the blanket and then all of the sudden Stella yells: "Vivi! Oh Mom, you have to come and see this!" And the peas were EVERYWHERE! I don't know how she did what she did so fast, but the peas even made it everywhere in the closet even though the closet doors were closed. The peas stick to bare feet really easily and Vivi did not like that, but I told her it was her punishment.

The sensory bin is still a favorite around here. We are slowly running out of peas though since every time Vivi plays with it, peas go all over and I just vacuum them up now. But overall, it was a good little idea to make this. She has loved it, and I still enjoy it as well.

These two had so much fun playing together that Stella asked if they could go outside and play in the mud. So they made some mud and they made a mess together. I love watching Stella show Vivi how to do new things, even if those things include making a mess with mud.


We basically had the most amazing winter. I know Utah needs snow and to function and everything, but I did enjoy not having to really shovel until our first big storm on January 20th. Honestly, I was more bugged that Vivi never got to wear her snow boots that I bought than anything else.

As far as snowstorms go, this one was really beautiful. Vivi woke up that morning and was absolutely thrilled to see the snow. It was adorable. "Snow! Play!" We finally got the girls all bundled up and ready to play after nap time and Vivi was SO into it. She giggled like crazy when Stella threw snow her way, even if it got in her face. She delighted in throwing it herself as well. I'm sure her face hurt from all of the smiling. The only thing I'm not sure she loved was when Stella shook the tree branches and snow fell on her. When I asked her if she was ready to go inside, because darn it, it WAS cold...Vivi would say: "No! Snow!" It is strange to realize that she was born in a place where it never snows and she could have easily lived there her whole life. Here she is in Utah loving the snow more than basically anything else she has experienced since we met her. Also it is worth noting that Stella finally had a sister to share in the fun of snow.