Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Oh man, little Vivien's July 2nd baby blessing. But what a special day. I went back and forth on whether or not I should do some sorry of meal for everyone and decided at the last minute to not make more work. I wanted the day to be simple and easy and I wanted to be focused completely on Vivi that morning and not be worried about making food out cleaning the house. I'm so glad I did. Getting Vivi ready in her Little white Chinese dress and thinking of how much I love her was so fun.

I'm not sure why I got so nervous when we got to church. I was always very worried about her freaking out. I had no idea how she was going to react to a bunch of men surrounding her and trying to put their hands on her head. Thankfully, I was told I could hold her so I knew that would help, plus I brought treats to give her during the blessing. She was totally calm and the treats did the trick. I really had nothing to worry about.

Man on man, what a delight it was to be able to sit in the middle of the priesthood circle while Vivi received her blessing. Every single mom should be able to do that because it was seriously amazing. I just snuggled her close and felt all the feelings. 

After the blessing Brent and I took turns writing down what we remembered from the blessing. I'm glad we did, I would have no idea now if we hadn't.

To Vivi: You have faced much tragedy in your life, and you will face tragedy in your life in the future. But The Lord had made you strong. You are blessed with courage as you go throughout your life. You live in a country where you will look different than those around you. People will look toward you as an example. You are blessed that you will be that example of goodness, kindness, and righteousness. Bless that you will learn and grow in a country where things are foreign to you. You will hunger after knowledge and find joy in learning new things and sharing them in living the Gospel.

Brent and I both shared our testimonies about this little love. I talked about how amazing and kind her soul is and shared the story of her comforting Finn one day at the condo and how impressed I was with how she reaches out to others in need. How miriaculous it is that a child raised in an institution is able of such thoughts and cares. I shared how grateful I am that I listened to the Lord. Brent talked about his change of heart in letting us move forward in adoption. We may have our issues he and I, but we are both pretty crazy about this little girl.

We took a few pictures after. I didn't get one of Ashley, Ava and Finn because they had to leave early, and I missed a few friends, but I did get a few nice pics. We are so lucky to have so many people who love and have accepted Vivi as part of their family. (Be sure to notice Vivi's new pearl bracelet that was a gift from Grammie that day.)


I don't remember much about this Little condo trip, but I love the pictures so I had to do a post. I do remember that my mom was in Florida, so we were just hanging with dad. And Ashley made me laugh at the pool every time she took a drink of her water. This was June 29th.


Our summer visits to Idaho Falls are so precious. They are seriously some of my favorite times. Stella just disappears for days playing and having the time of her life enjoying adventures with her boys. This was Vivi's first road trip and visit out of Utah. We drove up there the day after Stella's birthday on the 21st. Vivi did pretty good on the drive, but I was hoping for her to nap most of the way and she woke up as we reached some road construction and she never went back to sleep. It was fine though, after she came to realize she wasn't getting out, she gave up and calmed down.

Probably the highlight of our adventures was finally making it to the sand dunes out past Rexburg on June 22nd. We went to the Beehive Credit Union picnic that was in town first and watched Craig get all honored for helping to build a pavilion in the park and then watch the boys attack fish in the fish grab. We also had dinner. After we were done there it was the perfect time of night to head out to the dunes. It was so so fun. Stella loved it. Vivi did not. Overall it was just a blast and we left with sand everywhere.

Of course the best part of our Idaho trips is just the hanging out. One morning the kids came up with the best obstacle course, and then one night they had this water balloon game that kept them laughing all night. The balloons were their babies and as usual, Catcher kept everyone in stitches while being the worst water balloon dad of all time.

Then there was the very well choreographed dance number to Surfin' USA. Heidi was their coach and Catcher, Wyn, and Stella practiced so hard for the big performance. They showed it to us on the trampoline and turned on the sprinkler to add a bit of pizazz to the number and we were all impressed. After the show they continued to enjoy a summer tradition of adding water fun to the trampoline.

Every Monday morning the boys go golfing. It was an early morning, but we all got up and joined them. Basically we just rode in the cart looking for Catcher's lost gold club that was actually not lost, but was at home, but we still had a very good time. Stella even got some tips from the professional golfers. I'm not sure she enjoyed the golfing nearly as much as she enjoyed driving the golf cart though. The boys were all super grumpy, I think we had too many late nights and so they didn't quite golf their best, it was still fun though.

Before we left on Tuesday we spent an hour or so over at Grammie Barb and Papa Dave's house. It is always hard to leave, but we always try and squeeze out at much as we can. We made one last trip to get shaved ice and then Vivi made us all smile when she walked into the garage by herself and grabbed the bubble maker and announced she wanted it on. She is so smart and clever.

It was another great summer visit in the books. This year was light on the baseball but that made it so we could get a lot of more adventures in. We also pushed our adventure back a week so we could get nicer weather and it was worth it. Vivi's first trip away was a success. She loved every minute of it. She was always a good baby, even though we kept trying to get her to say bad baby because it was hilarious.