Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I knew we weren't going to be home on Easter this year so on the Saturday before Easter weekend (March 24th) on a whim I decided that we should color some eggs. We haven't done that for ages and I thought Vivi would dig it. Plus I felt like some hard boiled eggs.

Vivi absolutely loved it. Every single thing about the process tickled her. She loved coloring on the eggs, she loved putting them in the dye. She loved checking them and finding that they had changed colors, and she loved putting her finished eggs in the container. She ended up doing half of our dozen because she would go through them so fast and we all were a lot slower. I did my signature spring flower egg, and Stella did an egg where she wrote nice things about all of us while Brent only got one egg that he turned into a family egg. Stella is such a great big sister and daughter. She didn't care that Vivi did a lot more eggs, and then she let me have one of her precious eggs. Oh Stella, you have the biggest heart!

The only downside is that we started cracking open the eggs to eat right away, and I know Stella was pretty heartbroken about her art being destroyed. We cracked open all of her eggs last.


Finn is four! We all got together on Saturday March 10 for a delicious brunch celebration. I can't believe it! He wanted a pirate party and Ashley did an adorable job decorating for a fun party. The highlight being of course the blow up pirate ship that was perfect for pictures. I think everyone can agree that the best moment of the party was the pinata. Apparently my dad has never gotten to break open a pinata in his whole life, and he had always wanted to. He had never done a pinata ever once! So after all of the kids had a chance he gave that sucker a real smack. I couldn't keep my eyes off of adorable Vivi. Last year at Finn's party she was still in China. And here she was all settled with her family enjoying the party like she had been with us from day one of her life. Finn is such a good friend to Vivi and we are so thankful for him in our life.