Monday, December 17, 2018


Vivi's first preschool program was October 25th. Stella was able to come because it was a short day and she LOVED seeing her sister. Vivi was hilarious. She got in a little argument with the girl sitting next to her because that girl said hi to her mom and Vivi said that is my mom, and then the girl said, no it is my mom, and then Vivi got really worked up and said NO IT IS MY MOM. Suffice it to say, they were both right. They were both waving at their moms. Vivi also was brave enough to try the witches brew, which I remember for a fact Stella was too scared to try. Turns out it was rootbeer. Yum. I love preschool programs!


Who doesn't want to get a last minute invite to Discovery Gateway with Porter and Lottie? After dance class on October 24th I told Vivi I was going to take her to the funnest place. She had a blast running around and enjoying all of the delightful things you can do at the children's museum. She especially loved the house and the kitchen. She enjoyed the grocery store and then, without any suggestion from me, she took her groceries to the house and put them away. It was pretty adorable. She went from place to place with her cousins and had a great time.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Monday, December 3, 2018


We were able to fit in some Frightmares fun in our busy fall. Our first trip was September 21st. Brent could not get over how it was all Halloweened up and it wasn't even October yet. I tried to explain to him that people LOVE Halloween so much that they start celebrating in August. We did some trick or treating together and then Stella and I went on some rides. The Terror Ride line was not long at all so we went on that and filmed us riding the ride. I love that video, it was so fun.

We went on October 6th with Ash, Ava, Finn,  and my mom. It was surprisingly slow that morning so it was really nice. The kids had a blast together. My tummy was hurting though and so when I felt like it was time to leave I was ready to go and no one else agreed with me. I did throw a mini tantrum. But I got over it and I just hung out with Vivi by the front entrance after buying myself a new sweatshirt. (just what I need, another Lagoon sweatshirt...)

Our third and last trip was on October 18th. We didn't stay long, but we had a good morning. We ended the visit with riding the tall Ferris wheel. No one really wanted to go on it, but we did and we ended up having a hilarious time up there together.

That was all she wrote for Lagoon 2018. We still love it there believe it or not and I've already purchased our season passes for 2019.