Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I'm not sure I've seen anything more adorable than these two in their hooded towels after a bath for Vivi and a shower for Stella. So I made it a goal to one day take some pictures, and I took them on June 5th. That day also happened to be the two month anniversary of the day we met Vivien for the first time. The pictures and the beauty of my daughters did not disappoint. It is August now but last night Vivi was so funny in her towel. She currently loves to grab the sides and wrap the towel around her to keep her cozy. Sometimes she will open it up just so she can snuggle herself up once again. It is so fun to see since when we first got home the she hated the towels, and she DID not like having anything on her head. She's learned it keeps her warm, and it is what big sister does so she loves it too.


We were so excited when my parents decided that this summer they would rent a condo up at Solitude. It has been six summer since we lost our Solitude condo and it was amazing to be back. We tried to make the most of it while we could.

We finally made it up to the precious pool on June 1st. We went up the night before, and stayed the night just us girls. The next morning we went swimming. It was still pretty chilly up there and there was still a good amount of snow on the nearby hill. We took Vivi swimming for a little bit in China, but I don't really count that as her first real swim since the water was so cold and she was only in it for a second. Big sister was super helpful and watching them paddle around together was so fun. Vivi loves to splash, but she does not like getting splashed in her face. And even though the water was warm, it didn't take long for this little baby to start shivering like crazy. We had the pool to ourselves though and it was so nice.

Ashley and the kiddos came up that late afternoon. We went on a little walk outside. It was pretty darn chilly. Poor Vivi was sick, and at the time I had no idea how sick she was. She just had a runny nose, but as the night progressed it got worse. At about midnight she started waking up every 10 minutes crying. She still did that sometimes at home so I was just letting her fall back asleep. But around 1AM I went to check on her and she was hot. I didn't have anything for her and I realized the best thing was to take her home and get her some medicine. On the way home the poor thing threw up in the car. She seemed to feel much  better after though so after waking up Brent to help clean up and get her to bed she had a good night sleep and we were able to head back up to the condo.

Little did I know that in the mean time, both Stella and I caught whatever she had and it was miserable. We were both sick for days and lost our voices and had a night where we felt so terrible the only solution was throwing up too. It made me realize that Vivien is a tough cookie with a high tolerance for pain and discomfort. I don't know if this is a learned thing from being in the orphanage and not having someone who cares for her when she is sick and hurt or if it is her nature. I guess as the years continue we will find out.

So our first condo visit was kind of a bust, but it still was fun. Watching Vivi and Finn play together was pretty delightful. I recently lost some of my videos and one of them was the two of them moving the travel crib closer to the bed so they could get a Tinkerbell doll from inside. Then when Finn finally got in the crib and he gave the Tinkerbell to Vivi she went and threw it back in the crib. It was hilarious.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I am NOT the mom who wants/needs to dress up my girls in matching outfits. But I will tell you who IS into it, and that would be my very sweet daughter Stella. So when we find a dress at Children's Place on clearance in Stella's size that matches a dress Vivi already has. We buy it. It's basically a no brainier.

Then the next no-brainier is a short photo shoot in the front yard before church with the matching dresses. May 28th.