Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Ashley was kind enough to host our Pioneer Day celebrations this year. We had a delicious dinner and relaxed in the backyard. Mom bought the boys pretend golf sets, but the girls kind of took them over and had a good time playing "golf." Tyler gave us a little pioneer history lesson about our ancestors. It was great because I want Stella to always know and appreciate her pioneer heritage.

After the fireworks attacked us on the Fourth of July I wasn't sure what we were going to do about the fireworks I had already bought for Pioneer Day. I really didn't want another attack. But Heidi's cousin was told that you should "brick" your fireworks by putting bricks around them to keep them from tipping over. I was like...duh, of course! So we were much more careful on this night. Of course I let the girls do a few sparklers but not too many because the tiny boys wanted to grab them. Our fireworks show was short and sweet and all the kiddos young and old enjoyed it. It was a really fun low-key night with the family.


Going back to school in the middle of August?! It seems like a crime. In fact, last night I used the phrase "should be against the law" to describe the depravity of taking away two weeks of my glorious fun summer. But man, what a fun summer we have had--we made the most of it. And if we must go back...then we must. UGH....

Stella was a bit nervous this morning, but she was much less scared than she has been in years past. This I think is amazing and makes it so much easier as her mom to send her to school. Honestly, I would keep her home with me all day everyday if I could, but I know the social lessons she learns while going to school are invaluable. All the friend drama she went through last year produced a confident and comfortable new girl. She was ready to ask new people to play and willing to try new things. And let's not forget that she started a handstand game phenomenon that took the school by storm. I guess she's ready for third grade. BOOO!

Once we got to school and got her all lined up, she started seeing her friends and I could tell she was excited to be back. She got smiles and hugs and was ready to go. Her homeroom teacher is new this year, which makes me a bit nervous, but Stella has already decided that she likes her because she is "pretty." I'm so glad to hear that my daughter values beauty above all the other qualities you could find in a teacher ;)

Oh, and one last thing, that backpack. We know, it is huge. Stella is so over the character-themed backpacks of her past, but she is still wanting pink. We bought this online (got a great deal of course) and when it arrived, we were like woah...that is one big backpack! Because of its size, we think this backpack will last for years. Maybe she'll take it to college.

We hope she has a great year. So proud of my 3rd grader!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Summer isn't complete without an Ady and Stella show. On the same day as the water fight we were all treated to a very special performance by these talented girls. They had done each other's makeup earlier in the day and Ady's had worn off, which is why Stella looks extra ready for those harsh stage lights ;)

They were very entertaining and I am always impressed with how much they can come up with in an afternoon. I can't say enough about how much I adore Ady. She is an amazing friend to Stella and we are so lucky that she is in our lives. These two just click the moment they start playing. They have so many adventures together, and I know that Stella is with a friend that is always watching out for her and helping her enjoy her childhood.