Thursday, June 21, 2012


We found the little hat at Ross and the rest is history. Stella knocked it out of the park with these pics. She was totally model-ready and was working it for her mom.

When Stella saw some of the photos printed out she said: "I look faboolous!" and "I look marvelous!" And you have to admit, she does.

I am not sure the shoot would have been as much of a success without Aunt Heidi on the scene in Idaho Falls.


Because of Ava's dance recital, Stella's party was the night before her actual birthday. So she was able to wake up on her birthday morning to tons of gifts to play with. Then Daddy came home from work early and she was able to open her most anticipated gift: her Kindle Fire. Stella started wanting one really bad a few months ago, but Brent told her that she couldn't have one if she still sucked her thumb. As soon as he told her that she stopped RIGHT THAT SECOND. This totally shocked me. You would think that a lifelong habit would be harder to break, but I guess it isn't that hard if you want a Kindle Fire bad enough.

We took Ava and Stella to Build-a-Bear for a birthday treat. We had lunch at what Stella calls "Chickalay" where Stella and Ava had a very important conversation about liking and disliking ketchup. 

That night we enjoyed Ava's dance recital at Kingsbury Hall. And then Stella got late night birthday french toast with Grammy and Papa at Village Inn. Stella was exhausted, but I am pretty sure she had an awesome birthday.


This year Stella decided she wanted a Tinkerbell birthday party. However, the big difference this year was that I was able to get a lot of help from the birthday girl with picking out decorations, decorating the house, decorating the cupcakes, and actually cleaning the house to prepare for our guests. She is certainly turning into her own little person. 

The party was so fun. It was low key and I know that my birthday baby loved every second of it. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Between all of the other fun we had while we were in Idaho, we enjoyed baseball season. Cy and Catcher are both on teams this summer and there are a lot of games. We went to see Catcher play on Monday before leaving for Yellowstone. 
Then we saw Cy play on Wednesday when we got back.
Stella spent most of Cy's game playing games on Nana Barb's iPad. It is cute because Wyn and Stella have their own little language now too. I suppose if there is ever an iPad game league, both Wyn and Stella could join.
I love my boys, and Stella does too. When we left she cried about Catcher and Cy for an hour in the car. How she was going to miss them, and how they live too far away. She was devastated by leaving them. I totally get it--how could you not love these two?!