Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today was a very exciting event.... Dad was on TV! He was on Studio 5, which is a local day time talk show that is on KSL. We took in a few pieces to decorate the set, and then they had dad on the show to talk about antiques. I think he did a great job. I went along of course so I could take pictures of the big event. Dad gets to be on TV all of the time, because he was crazy enough to buy this huge collection of antiques and ship it to unlikely Salt Lake City. He was on a special segment on the Antiques Roadshow, the news channels have featured him a ton, and we were on the morning news on Fox 13 about 4 years ago...that time both Ashley and I were also able to be stars.

Even though he has been in front of the camera live before, it is always a big deal, and we are always excited about the free advertising! Sad that you missed it? Follow the link to watch the segment:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have sincerely little interest in politics. However I seem to surround myself with people who get really into that world. One college roomy was the president of the very small Democrat club at Ricks College (Melissa), while another roommate faithfully filled out her absentee ballot while telling me I should be doing the same (Cindy). My best friend was a political science major and worked for the mayor in Boise, the House of Representatives for the state of Idaho, and on top of that, ran an extremely successful campaign for the current mayor of Idaho Falls (Heidi). Oh, and I can't forget that charismatic rap and clothing mogul telling me to ROCK THE VOTE in this year's election (Diddy). If that is not enough my husband (Brent ;) ) is ever so enthusiastic about his right to vote, and gives me a hard time about it EVERY November.

The thing is, I usually never like the candidates that are running for president, and I feel that if I am voting for them I am supporting them....and I just can't do it.

This year Brent took it to an extreme and dragged Stella and me to vote early. We got there and the line was long, the room was stifling, and I gave Brent a look that made him wish he had left me at home. But I did it, I voted for the first time ever. I won't go and tell you who I voted for, but I can give you a hint: since I live in Utah my vote for president is not going to matter. Still, I did it anyway, and you should have seen how happy it made my I guess it was worth it.

Of course Stella went with us. So I took some pictures of her with her voting sticker. Looks like I might raise another person in my life who is politically aware and loving it!

Monday, October 27, 2008


As told by Miss Stella.

After mom and dad bring me home from that building with all the people and the singing I can finally get down to just relaxing and doing my thing.

First on the agenda is a bottle...delish! Then as always I'm propped up into the corner of the couch. I'm so glad I found this little thumb of mine that I can suck and chomp on post-bottles, because you can never have too much sucking and chomping in an day.

Oh and there goes mom again with that black thing that blinds me with flashing lights constantly. Well, I suppose for a moment I can oblige and look pretty. Here you go mom, here I am looking pensive.

I don't know what it is about today's outfit, but it has the most amazing texture! I can't keep it away from my mouth. I was doing this at church, and mom kept pulling the dress from my lips saying something about being modest. Now that we are home though she seems to have chilled out. Finally some floor freedom! I love my Sunday afternoons!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday Brent and I went to the shops in Sugarhouse, and Brent and I found this delightful little nature path that felt like being in the canyon even though you weren't. Stella enjoyed the trail as much as any 4 month old baby would enjoy a nature walk. Of course I can't be happy with that...I had to go back today for a PHOTO SHOOT! On our drive there Mom and Ash were teasing me that Stella's first words are going to actually be "photo shoot".

Ashley and I were both sold on the idea of the girls wearing their matching Juicy Couture sweat outfits. (Both purchased at extreme clearance prices, naturally.) Well it is tricky working with two babies. They both HATED being laid down in the crisp fall leaves, and Stella got hungry right away and would not take her bottle. Perhaps she was not in the mood for a picnic. After her tantrum she finally settled down and got a snack. I think we were eventually successful at getting several nice pictures to celebrate the lovely trail. Here are some of my favorites:

Thursday, October 23, 2008


These are the first pictures of Stella in a bath. She never really knows what to make of them, because she has taken very few. Early on we got some advice, that was tested by Ashley, to give baby a shower before bed. It helped my niece Ava sleep through the night right away, so we did that as soon as Stella could get completely wet. Obviously it is a job for two, so some nights when Brent can't help I end up giving Stella a bath. I thought it was about time to get those 'baby in the bath' pictures that seem to have been a mommy favorite since the beginning of time, along with some post-bath moments. Enjoy.


Brent and I don't really fight. We bicker, but our personalities and the way we deal with conflict is overall very complimentary. So when Brent decided to start building his life long dream....a recording studio in our basement...I went along with it. I thought, "He works hard, he deserves it." Well, I overestimated my patience and sweetness as a wife.

Our now finished studio has been the beginning and end of most of the arguments we have had in the past year. From what size it would be, to all of the expensive accessories that seemed to arrive at my door daily, to the forest green carpet that Brent said was a MUST HAVE, and at the end having men who spoke little English trampling up and down my stairs the first days Stella was home from the hospital...oh and the money...oh the money! Two sound proof rooms ain't cheap folks!

I can say now that I am over it, finally! And tonight Tyler was finally able to come and record some of his tunes. He has been patiently waiting for this day...and it is here! So if you are wondering if you should build a recording studio in your better really want one, because your ever-so-adorable wife might just up and leave you. Unless of course she is about to have your baby, then feel free to run with it.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Today is Stella's four month birthday! She's defiantly not a newborn anymore. Stella's current tricks are as follows:
  • She stands up super fast when you pull her up with her hands.
  • She grabs her bottle when you put it in her mouth, and most of the time she can hold it by herself! Last night she went almost a minute solo.
  • She is totally in love with her hands, and loves to put them in her mouth. And yes, she has found her thumb.
  • She loves to take anything made of cloth and put it in her mouth in a super excited fashion and then give it three distinct chomps.
  • She loves watching TV.
  • She gets a kick out of silly songs...her current favorite...Slippery Fish.
Having a baby can be pretty fun when you have a baby like Stella. She only cries when she is hungry or tired. I can really take her anywhere, and she is a delight. Every morning when I go to get her out of her crib, she smiles at me with her whole body....and I know it is going to be yet another good day.



This picture was taken exactly one year ago in Idaho Falls. We took Cy bowling for his fifth birthday. So why am I posting this picture? Well here you see an unsuspecting Michelle that in two hours was going to find out that she was pregnant.

I took the test with Heidi's persuasion. As we sat starring at the test and waiting for the other line to appear, Brent was sitting in the corner with headphones in as usual. He was trying to act all casual like he didn't care even though he totally did. Suddenly the second line appeared, it was faint, but it was there. Heidi looked at me and said: "Yup, you're pregnant." I looked at her and said, "Ok then, let's start the movie."

Denial only lasted so long, and during dinner the next day I started crying that my life was over. Both Cy and Catcher were confused and concerned, but I couldn't help myself...I really thought my life was over.

On our drive home to Salt Lake, I asked Brent why he seemed so subdued about the news. He told me that sometimes when you want something so bad, you can't believe it when it is actually happening. Brent had wanted a baby for so long, which only gave me reason to blame him the entire pregnancy for ruining my life.

Of course, my life is not over. I knew it then, but change is very hard for me. I wasn't worried though, I knew I would eventually be gah-gah over my baby. And of course, I am!


Now that it has been four months, and obviously Stella isn't going anywhere, it is cementing the reality that we are now a family of three. It is so crazy that there can be just the two of you for so long, and then almost like comes this other real live baby that I'm going to know forever.

Brent and I really enjoy Stella, as I am sure anyone could tell. I think Brent wishes we had a baby sooner, but I think she came at the perfect time. Especially these days as my mom is finding seven night Mediterranean cruises for $449 for a balcony cabin. It makes me glad that I had many traveling adventures before Stella came around, because now that she is here...I don't ever want to leave her. Well, not yet anyway.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have always loved taking pictures, and have certainly thought I have a bit of an eye for it. However, I never wanted to take up the hobby for fear that I might not be as good at it as I would like. I have always been extremely critical of photography. Of course now with digital cameras...which I felt great disdain towards for many is a lot easier and less expensive to pick up the hobby. When I finally decided to get a digital camera, and then a fancy Nikon SLR daily life took a turn.

Now, everywhere I go I see pictures. I see great locations to take pictures of people, and I frame almost everything I look at as if I were taking a picture right then. If you haven't been able to tell from my previous blog posts, I have become obsessed. Like any hobby or talent, you have to practice so I take so many pictures. I have found that my process if very similar to when I am working with wedding can't think too much. When you just let go, magic happens. In fact very often I think I hate a shot, but when I get it on my computer it is suddenly a favorite.

So basically I do not claim to be the next great photography talent, just like I know I am not really too amazing at making a wedding bouquet. But I find joy in doing it. Plus, I think I have good tastes, and I know what looks good...even if it takes a few tries to get what I want.

Lately I have been going around my house and taking pictures of some of the beautiful things I see everyday. Here are some of my first faves:

Monday, October 13, 2008


I remember the days before I had a baby totally change my body shape when I would go shopping and I would find that outfit that just made me look smashing. Every once and awhile you can find something with a flattering fit, in just the right color. You look so amazing in it that you want to wear it everyday. Oh yes, I miss the days when shopping was fun for me....enjoying the thrill and the magic of finding the it outfit.

New discovery here: babies are not an exception to the it outfit rule. Of course Stella is adorable in everything, but she has this Pottery Barn jumper that makes her look like the next baby sitcom star. She has only been able to wear it one other time, and it has already been featured on the blog. Yet, I couldn't help myself by taking a ton of pictures of her sporting her best look.