Friday, October 30, 2009


There are so many things that I want to buy for Stella, but I usually resist because I cannot justify having another toy around the house. That is why Stella has a lot of books and clothes. However, so far, Stella has gotten our money's worth and then some out of her bath toys. So I didn't feel guilty buying her bath letters (a toy I think every child should have). I figured we didn't need to get out all of the letters for our first time tonight, so I just got out the letters to spell "Stella" and "Mom." She really loves them, and it appears that she could put them up and then take them off of the side of the bathtub all night long. I just HAD to get some pictures of this, and yes, I did get in the tub to take these.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, it's that time again--temperatures are taking a sudden dip and that white stuff is back on the ground. As a one year old, I love being outside, enjoying the elements. But how do I cope when the wind blows freezing air into my face? It is all about the layers, ladies.

Layering is a great way to deal with the cool temperatures outside, and then you can take off your jacket and sweater in the warm house. (This is especially great during naps.) The best way to accomplish a clean layered look is to pick one bold piece and then go neutral with your other items. You don't want to look like your dad dressed you!

Another wardrobe bonus for winter is that if your mom shops like mine, you finally get to start wearing the jackets and sweaters that your mom bought on sale last season. It is pretty exciting to see these purchases again since I can't even remember things that happened last night, let alone LAST SEASON! My mom never pays full price for anything, and that just means more clothes for me to put together the perfect layering look. She told me the total cost of the outfit I am wearing now (minus the shoes) was only about $15!

As you learn to master the skill of layering, I promise that you will find yourself feeling warmer, looking more adorable, and getting tons of compliments from strangers. It might add a few more minutes to your morning routine, but it is worth it. Go out and layer it up, and continue enjoying the outdoors in style!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


For some absolutely fall-tastic pictures of Stella, you must check out the PHOTO BLOG!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ash and I have been toying with the idea of taking the girls to the zoo for a while. It has been so cold though that it hardly seemed like it would be fun. However, when I woke up today, I thought it would be the perfect time to go. I called Ashley and we proceeded to get ready for a day at the zoo. It was so perfect outside, and the fall colors added a nice touch as we strolled around checking out all of the animals.

First on my agenda was getting a picture by the lion fountain. I always liked that thing as a kid, and was a tiny bit scared to get a drink from it, even though I knew it wasn't real. We later got a picture with Ava and the fountain. I think it is funny that the girls' faces are similarly unsure in the pictures.

Then it was off to the star of the zoo--the baby elephant. I am here to tell you that this adorable little elephant totally lived up to the hype. It was ADORABLE. It was doing tricks with a ball and just being genuinely cute. Then we saw the baby giraffe. Baby giraffe was a close second in adorableness in the race of cute baby animals at the zoo.

When we got to the tigers we let the girls take some time to walk around. It was kind of crazy at times, but we didn't lose either of them or have any serious injuries to tend to. They got to get a good look at the big tiger as it came right up close to them while having a rest, even growling a couple of times. The girls both liked spotting the animals, but I think sometimes they (Stella at least) liked the people-watching more than the animal-watching.

We then had a snack as we headed to the little playground that was really a "zoo." There were wild kids everywhere, and I remember it being much bigger. At first we were just going to leave, but I wanted some pictures with Stella and all of the animal-themed playground equipment. Her favorite was being a turtle. She loved it.

We didn't stay long since the girls were both totally exhausted from their fun day at the zoo. And as we drove home they were talking and giggling in the back seat about their fun-filled morning.

On a personal controversial note: Ash and I are both anti-"renewing the zoo." It drives us crazy how much money the zoo always needs, and that they spend all this money campaigning to renew the zoo, instead of using the campaign money to renew the zoo. On top of that, the zoo is NOT free. So, we definitely had some sassy comments about how much this or that cost to build, or how many millions they spent on renewing that. But I will admit that the zoo has improved since I had last been there ten years ago, and it seems to be a much more respectable establishment for all of the animals. And hey, we had fun being out and about while getting some use from our tax dollars.

And maybe this picture is silly. But when we got to the playground, I spotted this girl who fell asleep while she was playing. I couldn't help wondering where her mother was, and instead of looking for her mom, I just laughed and took a picture. I am so mean.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Every once in a while, Stella wants to play with my sunglasses. I keep trying to get pictures, but by the time I put them on, say that she is "lookin' good," and try to grab my camera...she takes them off as fast as lightning. I think she looks hilarious in them, and just had to share the two pictures that I managed to get.

Stella has been getting more verbal everyday, and I wanted to make a list of the words that she is saying now:

  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Go-Go
  • Hi
  • Bye-Bye
  • Uh-oh
Yes, it is true. She has been unmistakably singing the song "Happy Birthday to You" for almost two months now! It is so crazy to hear Stella say things that I understand. I love speaking the same language! And as you can see from these pictures, English isn't the only language we share--we also both speak the language of COOL!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday I took Stella to the park WITHOUT my camera. I thought I would just enjoy Stella and have fun playing with her. But that doesn't mean that I didn't see opportunities for pictures everywhere my adorable daughter stepped. Today we had a play date with Crystal and Livi. I thought about taking the girls to feed the ducks at Sugarhouse Park, and this time, I didn't leave my camera at home.

So we arrived at the poop-infested pond and I took some bread and showed Stella how to throw it to the ducks. Instead, she took the piece of bread and then ate it herself. Which is funny since she normally isn't all that interested in just plain bread at home. Every time I would hand her a piece for the ducks, she would just open her mouth. I guess she didn't see the point in wasting perfectly good bread on these silly birds.

Then the FUNNIEST thing happened! Stella was walking around, eating her whole piece of bread. There was a goose that apparently thought Stella was a worthy opponent, and started eyeing that piece of bread. He got closer and closer and then SNAP, he lunged for the bread and got a bite. I sort of feel like a bad mom for taking a picture of this instead of trying to save my daughter. But I was actually too far away to do much (these pics are totally cropped), and it was so hilarious, I would be almost crazy NOT to take a picture of it. I don't even think Stella saw it coming. After that, she was totally freaked out and we had to move on to the playground.

Side note: On Monday, Stella started saying "bye bye" and waving. She did it as I was leaving her with my mom to go to work. "Bye bye, Mama" sounds SO CUTE! Now she does it all the time even when she is just walking to the other side of the room. We are finally starting to speak the same language. Here she is saying it to Crystal when she was going to her car.

I love these pictures from the playground. They turned out so colorful. Stella LOVED going down the slide with Mommy.

All of the pictures with me in them were taken by Crystal, who has a great photo eye. Thanks Crystal for taking these priceless pictures of me and Stella! I love them!