Saturday, November 17, 2012


I've been meaning to get down some more of Stella's best quotes. She says very thoughtful things lately. She also asks very smart questions. Like asking how our luggage gets to places with us when we drop it off and then don't see it again until we land, or why don't we have to clean up our table when we go out to eat. She also recently wondered how Jesus could always see her, but she couldn't see Jesus. Things like that. I love her thoughtful questions.

"Daddy, why do I miss people so much? Is it because I have a big heart? Who gave me my big heart?" Daddy: "You got it from your mom." Stella: "Oh, did I get it while I was in her tummy or when I was in Jesus' tummy?"

When she was tired she said: "I've got blinklings!"

"The girl chef made my smoothie very cold. BRRRR."

After asking where she hurts: "All my places."

"Mom, the flavor of your kiss is disgusting."

Stella: "Mom, you are an egg head." Mom: "I don't understand what you mean." Stella: "It's English."

"Mom, I love your diamond ring. I want lots of diamonds!"

"Every day you get me some food."

Stella: "Those girls don't think I'm cute." Mom: "What girls?" Stella: "The girls at the place." Mom: "Well that can't be true because you are the cutest girl in the whole world." Stella (exasperated): "Mom, that doesn't make any sense."

Stella: "Don't kiss me! I'm not your wife!" Mom: "I'm your mom, and mommies kiss their babies." Stella: "No, mommies kiss daddies!"

"Daddy, your face is crunchy."

"There are no monsters here. It's my home sweet home."

While trying on a Kate Spade dress I loved, Stella: "Do you want this dress for church?" Mom: "Yes." Stella: "Are you saying yes to the dress?!"

"These guys are doing a good job building our town."

Snuggling a roll from Maddox: "This roll is SOOOO CUUUTE!"

Also, just for fun, here are some pictures of the sculpture she made with all of my wrapping paper rolls. (I know, I have an addiction to buying wrapping paper.)

One more thing--not long after Stella had to wear blush for her Halloween parade at school, she got into my make-up. Stella doesn't usually get into things, so I suppose it was a long time coming. But the (kinda) hilarious thing is that she did it while being like two feet away from Brent while he was watching a movie. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Stella told us months ago that she wanted to be Snow White for Halloween. She already had the dress, but I knew she also HAD to have the wig. The result: Stella Marie Sallay was truly the fairest in the land!

We went out for tricks and treats with grandparents. Stella was a hit at every door and got more attention than she has any other year. (I think it might have been the wig...can you tell I loved the wig?) At one house a man asked: "Now, who are you?" Stella told him she was Snow White and then as we were walking away from the house she said in her sassy voice: "Um, I'm dressed just like her."