Friday, July 27, 2018


As Vivien's third birthday celebration loomed in the future, it was no doubt in anyone's mind that Vivien would be having a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. Because I am a hoarder, I did have a few decorations still in storage from Stella's Minnie birthday party. So it was an easy choice. We picked up a few more things here and there. My favorite being the Minnie Mouse headbands we made everyone wear. When we went to Zucher's to pick up the giant Minnie balloon that I just had to get for my birthday girl, Vivi picked up some 25 cent toys that she thought should would like. I told her to put them back and she told me: "No, I need it!" I just looked at her and wondered where in the heck had this sassy girl come from and where did she learn that she needed anything? I made her put it back, even though she did not want to and I still rewarded her with the giant balloon because I am a sucker. She was over the moon about it though. "Hi Minnie boon! Come in car with Vivi! Oh Minnie boon! So big!" It was adorable and worth every penny.

Stella and I rocked out the adorable Minnie cupcakes and we had pizza for dinner. So yes, over the years my interest in cooking a ton of food for birthday parties has all but disappeared. I can't think of anything I want to do less. And so pizza it was. I know everyone was probably a bit disappointed by it, especially my dad. But Vivi was thrilled. "So yummy!" She said over and over about her cheap pizza.

We did not have good weather that day, and I was prepared for that. But I wasn't prepared for the chaos of all the kids running around like maniacs. It was a crazy loud event.

Vivi was every so amazing at opening her gift. She had been excited about the prospect of presents for weeks before her birthday. She knew they were coming and she knew she wanted them. She got more than she could ever need and we got her the kid roller coaster that I have always wanted to have, but always thought it was just too big for us.

We all gathered around her to sing Happy Birthday and she loved it, and she did a pretty dang good job of blowing out her candles. I can't believe what a difference a year has made in the life of this girl. When we celebrated her second birthday she was still a baby and she had only known us for about a month. Now, she just feels like she has been with us forever. Man, I am so lucky to be her mom. We are so lucky to be her family.


I've never regretting taking Stella's baptism pictures in the spring at temple square, so I couldn't think of a better place to take Vivi's three year old pictures. We had a beautiful day on April 21st and we took my parents with us to enjoy the spring evening.

Vivi was ON. I couldn't believe this little  model that had decided to show up to her photo shoot. Her first few poses were hilarious because she was leaning to the side and putting her arm really low, and she thought she was looking pretty good. But she got the hang of it really fast. I really tried to restrain myself and stop taking pictures when I knew we had enough. It takes the fun out of it and I end up with more pictures than I could ever use. Still, because she was being so adorable I have more than enough. 

So happy to have this little pumpkin to photograph and enjoy. She is a light to all who get to meet her. She is also getting kind of stubborn and willful these days, so thankfully she wanted to take pictures, or else I would have lost the battle pretty fast. She came up with the poses all by her self. "Vivi do it." We hear it all the time at our house. Oh precious Vivien.