Saturday, November 28, 2015


So, I took a ton of pictures at Porter's birthday party. I was planning on bringing my camera and snapping a few, but Courtney asked me to take pictures and so I was extra motivated to follow this little fellow around during his birthday party. After going through and editing the pictures just now, I feel like what I captured was the bithday party through the eyes of Porter since I kind of just took pictures of whatever he was up to and whoever he was with.

We celebrated the Sunday before his actual birthday and it was a really pretty day. There was really delicious food and fun times to be had as this little guy delighted all.

Porter went shirtless for present opening. He did like opening his gifts, and he really liked anything snuggly and/or that lit up and made sounds. He did not like the Fender shirt that he got from me. But oh well, it doesn't fit him yet anyway. The birthday boy was very serious through most of the night. But I do love that the first picture I have of him smiling is at Stella.

When it was time for cake, Porter was mesmerized by the candle and he went and grabbed the fire the first chance he got. So there were a few tears from him hurting his hand. But he powered through and tasted some cake. I think he liked the cake just fine, but he liked the idea of getting out of his seat and running around a lot more than silly cake.

For the rest of the night Porter just made the rounds from one fan to the next, and like a stalker...I followed him. 

 I made Stella take some pictures of us on the swing.

Porter gives the best hugs. He runs to you and grabs you and hugs you so tightly. As everyone was leaving he was giving out hugs like it was the end of the world and I got a couple. Stella got some too and it made them both giggle. We are all so thankful for the joy that Porter has been in our lives his first year. We loved watching him on Mondays and Tuesdays when we made so many memories together. We love this boy so much. He has stolen our hearts and I can't imagine a world without him.