Wednesday, September 18, 2019


I didn't know it before, but I know it now. Going to Disneyland on Mother's Day (May 12th) is the best gift I could ever give myself. I am not quiet about how I don't like Mother's Day. I think it is a depressing holiday and just scamming off to my favorite place was divine.

We got going pretty early, but not crazy early, and started our long walk to the park. We found a sneaky way in through the big fancy Disney hotel so that helped, but it was still a good jaunt. When we got there we got in line for cute Mother's Day pictures and they were giving away carnations to all the moms. There was a little festive vibe in the air and it made it even more fun.

When we walked in we saw Mickey so of course we waiting in a short line to say hi. When we all got in for a picture the photographer asked why we all had ears, but my mom didn't. And then I said something that I don't think my mom will ever forgive me for saying in a sassy voice: "She doesn't like to wear ears." Saying this seemed innocent enough, but it made MICKEY CRY! I know, he looked over all shocked and wiped tears away from his eyes. My mom brings up this story all the time about how I made her feel like she made Mickey cry.

We made our way to fantasy land stopping for some churros. I loved my mom's sweatshirt that she was wearing that day: "I'm a Disney Grandma. It like a regular Grandma, but more magical." When we got settled in Fantasyland we found a photographer that took some super cute pictures of us. I'm always really good at spotting the Disney photo peeps. Special note: Vivi found a non-Disney issued pair of ears in our condo, and she insisted on wearing them. I had to let her since...wearing ears is supposed to be fun, but oh man, it drove me nuts to have her wearing these cheap ears that were actually hot glued together. We then rode Pinocchio, the carousel, and Mr. Toads. 

So when we were last at Disneyland for the Halloween party I saw Alice and the Mad Hatter riding in teacups with guests. I realized in the moment that I HAD to make the happen for me one day. But of course you never know if that is something that is even possible. So we are waiting in line and who shows up but Alice and the Mad Hatter! I start freaking out, and getting all worked up! This was it! It was going to happen for us! So what do I do when Alice comes by? I get in her face like an insane person and I tell her loudly and forcefully: "Alice, It has been my dream my WHOLE LIFE to ride in a teacup with you!" A couple of things: First, this was a LIE, obviously I am 40 and have only known about this teacup thing since last October. Second, technically I don't even like Alice that much...I just really like her dress. Third, I'm obviously insane sounding. Would you get in a teacup with me if you were Alice? Yeah, neither would I. She gave us some lame excuse that we had too many people in our cup and off she went. I was for reals DEVASTATED and I was trying not to act like a three year old and have a full on tantrum about it. She didn't pick us, and thems the breaks.  I did however, happen to get a selfie with them.

We made our way over to Small World so Vivi could see her friends and she loved every second. Then we made our way through the back way to Frontierland and stopped for a ice cream treat. We rode Indiana Jones once and Big Thunder twice. I am not sure what my mom and Vivi did to keep busy then. I think Vivi fell asleep. We were already seeing signs that our little pumpkin was not feeling great, even though she was acting basically normal. She doesn't usually need a nap at Disney but she was out. We then went and got dinner by the Haunted Mansion and she kept sleeping. When she woke up she was CRANKY. So I started to feed her come chicken and it perked her up a bit. I was hopeful that she was going to be fine, but she only got worse.

We then headed over to Winnie The Pooh and the Haunted Mansion.

Stella got to go on the Matterhorn for the first time. The last time I rode it I decided I never needed to go on it again because it was so bumpy, but they had just finished working on the track so I gave it a try and it was pretty fun. Meanwhile, my mom had Vivi and they found a dance party with Mickey and Pluto and such and she danced it up. By the time I got there though, it was kind of over so I didn't get any great pictures.

Vivi really wanted to ride Dumbo, and I wasn't sure she would like it. But she insisted so we rode Dumbo. She totally loved it. By the time we got off of Dumbo it was dark and we rode the teacups at night because they are definitely a different kind of magical at night. We also enjoyed Alice, which is always a fave of mine.

So by now everyone was pretty snoozy, but I insisted we hang out and try and watch the firework show. The castle was covered for renovations, but they were still doing a small firework show and dance party thing that night. I just didn't want to feel the pressure of needing to stay and watch them our last night. And I am glad I did because with a sick Vivi on the way the first night was the night.

One of my other main motivations for coming on this trip, was because they were offering a ticket special where you could get three days for $200. Which was such a good deal, and too good to pass up in my mind. So when I found the cheap flights to go with the cheap seemed only logical that I spend a ton of money on a hotel and food and a car to go to get a "deal" at Disney. Can you pick up on my nutzo logic?

Anyway, we had a magical first day and it was great knowing we would be back in two days for Vivi's birthday. Everything felt relaxed and fun. My mom could not get over how delightful Disneyland was and she was a quick convert to the west coast mouse. It was a great day.