Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Each morning after Stella's morning bottle I sit her in the corner of the couch and grab myself some cereal. She tends to wiggle and inch her way down into a hunched position and I have to keep propping her up again. This morning though, she sort of leaned forward and looked like she was making a model/lounge pose. It was too cute, and just like EVERYTHING else she does....I had to get a picture!


Yesterday morning Brent had to have an unpleasant procedure done which left him sort of out of it the entire day. Yet, since he was home I took the opportunity to run some errands. I found myself out later than I thought and I called home to Brent to tell him he needed to feed Stella. I got a half mumble back and then hung up trusting that Brent would not let his child starve. When I got home I rushed in the house to find this scene:

I told him that the set up looked like more work than just feeding her the bottle, but he insisted that this was the easier route. Stella seemed oblivious to the difference.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday Stella held her own bottle all by herself for at least 7 seconds! I don't think anyone would believe me, but my dad was there and he can vouch for us. Each day, my baby's motor skills become more evolved. I am not surprised by her talent, I always assumed she would be naturally gifted.

She shows off most of her mad skills when playing with her toys. Stella is becoming very skilled at grabbing them, making them move, and also getting them close to her mouth. In fact, at times she becomes kind of annoyed that she can't get them totally to herself. I have taken a million pictures of her playing with them in hopes that a photo could capture the perseverance of my child, but I fail constantly. Although this picture doesn't capture Stella's skills, I thought it was a happy accident and had to share.


I have very little baby experience, but one thing is for sure...babies sure are morning people! There is something about that long night's rest that gets the babies all sorts of chipper. I am happy to report that as of recently, Stella has been taking after her mother and sleeping in pretty late. Yesterday she slept until noon! (That can't be normal.) Brent has always commented how pleasent I am after I have gotten to sleep in until my heart's desire...Stella is the same. She gurgles and giggles and smiles and scrunches. It's pretty adorable. So, even though these pictures were taken at 11:00 am today, it was still morning for us!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


As Stella's mother I have tried especially hard not to go too crazy buying toys. She hasn't shown that much interest yet, and I figure her room is going to be a land of toys in a matter of months so I figure buying her toys is a waste. Of course as a semi-shop-aholic I find the toys quite tempting.

Yesterday I allowed myself to pick out two toys that were on sale at Babies R Us. (I really do not care for that store by the way, but it does have the things you need for the babies.) I thought this was so cute! It has little tags, a rattle, a mirror, and it spins slot machine style to make animals. Muffin was really showing great skill and interest in her everyday overhead toy this morning therefore, I thought she was ready for a hand held upgrade so I gave her the new toy. Um...she loved it.

Monday, September 22, 2008


This weekend we decided to pack up Stella for the first time and take her to Idaho to the woman who seems to miss her the most, her aunt Heidi. Heidi is a devoted follower of the blog, but finds it torturous to see pictures of my adorable baby. It seemed only natural to bring the baby to her live and in person. She was overjoyed.

Our weekend was spent doing mostly nothing, our usual fare. We did manage to have Cy's photo shoot, watch the boys play, and catch a late showing (at home) of the classic Teen Witch from our early adolescent days (still totally awesome). Heidi also won Brent over by making him food and playing Ticket To Ride with him. The visit was over much too soon, but we have some delightful memories. However, for Heidi I don't think one of them will be when Stella projectile-vomited in her face....a direct hit...her best yet. Loving a baby after such an experience is true love!


Stella was three months old on Saturday. I used to be very good at knowing how many weeks old she was, but I think I am only going to worry about months now. Besides, I always was confused when moms gave me their baby's age in some random number of weeks...too much math for me.

For Stella's birthday, she got to have her first trip out of Utah when we went to visit the Gummows in Idaho. She slept through the drive over the border, so I don't know if she was too aware of the change.

At three months Stella loves to suck on her hands, smile at friendly faces, make all sorts of cute and deliberate baby sounds, and sleep in so late that some mornings her mother wonders if she is still alive. (In the sleep department she seems to take after her mother.)

Stella, you are truly the most unbelievably beautiful child, and we love you!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today was Stella's first trip to a museum. She was terribly excited about it, and was very good the whole time. The Utah Museum of Art was having an exhibition this summer that ends this weekend. Of course we had to wait until the last minute to go, and Dad had to pretend he was "close friends with (fill in blank here)" to get us tickets. I thought it was a good little showing, but I must admit to being a museum snob. Plus, I hate crowds at museums, so I sort of sped through it...taking a few moments to critique the paintings. I told Stella about the paintings and shared with her which artists were mommy's favorite. They did not allow pictures inside the exhibition, but they did among the permanent collection upstairs so I did get some pictures of Grandpa giving Stella her first art lesson.

Here we are being so scandalous. We are taking an unauthorized photo of the exhibit. After we took it I heard over the walkie talkies that they were looking for a man, woman, and child taking pictures. Thankfully we were not discovered. But of course, who could get mad at this face?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Naturally Stella is so smart, strong, and coordinated that she is totally over her sitting up trick that she learned yesterday. She has taken to standing up now when I help her up with her arms. Of course she loves doing it, and her smiles abound with each attempt.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ever since Stella got a little bit of hand control, she and her bib have begun a whole new relationship. As soon as I get it around her neck she snuggles it up to her mouth and chomps down. She seems to love the fuzzy texture. Cousin Ava also seemed mesmerized by Stella's stunning orange bib, and she went for it the first chance she had.

Stella was having none of it.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today I delivered to my aunt the pictures I had taken at her birthday party. She said she thought she looked sad in all of the pictures. Then I told her, it was because she was sad. Maybe sad isn't the word, emotional might be better. How could you not be emotional to know that it is your last birthday, and you are possibly with your grandchildren for the last time? She is very driven to work on her scrapbook pages. She said she used to make fun of people that scrap booked, but now she thinks it is so fun. I went and bought her some new materials for her to use, she loves having letters and inspirational words so I mainly picked out those for her.

I want Stella to always know how much her great aunt loves her, and what a joy she was to her at this time in her life. It is so fun to watch how my baby brings smiles to everyone's faces. Isn't it funny how much babies can do, even when they really can't do much? However today for the first time, I pulled Stella up with her arms from laying down and she sat up without her head flopping back. So I suppose she has a few tricks up her sleeve already.

I love how Stella is looking up at my aunt in this picture while she is working. She is so curious these days. How exciting the world must be through her eyes.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

BRENT 2000

Here is a still from a film you haven't seen.

So, even though this is supposed to be a family blog, it seems to have been monopolized of late by some baby that can't even really do anything yet. Meanwhile we adults live fascinating lives with nary a mention in the blog. I'm sure you have all been saying, enough with the baby already, what's Brent been up to lately? Well, nothing much, other than a monumental achievement in the the course of my film viewing experience. That's right, today I finished watching my 2000th movie.

As you all well know, ever since the advent of the internets, I've been rating every movie I see on IMDb.com, which is kind enough to track these ratings for me over time, and was even kind enough to reward me with a wife a few years back. A few years ago, when I hit the 1000 mark, it just so happened to be with Carl Dreyer's excellent, excellent Ordet. (Did I mention it was excellent?) So naturally, I was hoping for a film of equal caliber for my next big milestone...

...which I found with Jacques Rivette's also excellent Celine and Julie Go Boating, which I might best describe as a cross between Mulholland Drive and Alice in Wonderland. A very fitting movie for my 2000th as well, as it's such an original and entertaining metaphor for film-watching and, perhaps, film history, says J. Hoberman of the Village Voice. Also, David Thomson of Soho Weekly calls it "the most radical and delightful narrative film since Citizen Kane! The experience of a lifetime." Published in 1997 by New Yorker Video, Celine and Julie Go Boating is truly worth the $33.75 purchase price.

See you in another 1000 movies!

Friday, September 12, 2008


At the end of March, my aunt Nonalee went into the hospital very sick. Her breast cancer had returned and it had spread pretty much everywhere. Last week she was given three more weeks to live. Next week is her birthday, but we had a party tonight while her grandkids are in town.

She is working on scrapbook pages to give to each of her grandchildren, so I thought the best gift I could give her was to take pictures of all of them for her to add to her book. It is all pretty sad really, and it makes me more emotional than I ever thought. Yet, this time has really been a blessing. It has given me a chance to express my love for her, and share my testimony of the atonement with her as well.

She is a natural caregiver and has spent her life as a nurse. I know that she will continue to care for the ones she loves when she leaves this life.


Everytime my dad sees Stella he says: "She knows her Gramps, he gives her all the love that she needs."

These are some more of my favorite pictures that I took from the party. Stella is so lucky to have so many people that adore her in her life. I don't know why, but it has taken me by surprise that my grandparents love her so much. Of course I knew they would love her, but they just think she is so great. I am very blessed to have all four of my grandparents still living. It is a blessing to be able to share my daughter with them.

If you can't tell that picture of my mom and dad is of them gah, gahing over Stella. I don't blame them, it is hard not to.

My Grandpa Evans was very hands on with us when we were little. He used to take us on a walk to the "secret place", which was just a little river close to their home. We would pick out sticks and race them down the slow river. He also taught me how to fish, although I can't say that I have kept up the skill.

I love that last picture of my Grandma Evans. She finds no greater joy than having her family together. She has sacrificed so much for her family, and it is because of her that I have the blessings I have in my life. I have so many wonderful memories of her taking care of me and loving me, and I will always be able to remember how her scrambled eggs taste different than anyone else's. To this day she likes to dress sassy and in style, and she is always jealous of my shoes...it is so cute.


Today we went to visit my friend Jenni and her two adorable kids Nora and Evan. Jenni had a Bumbo chair and I put Stella in it, not really thinking she could sit up in it. To my surprise she looked like a pretty big girl all of the sudden. Those chairs are magic! Now I guess I have to go and buy one.

Nora was very sweet with Stella. She kept sharing her toys with her and calling her "Baby Stella." When I got the camera out Nora knew exactly what to do since her dad has a camera like mine (but nicer). She was very insistent on where her brother Evan should be sitting for the photo shoot, however my favorite picture of the three is this last one that shows the true chaos of three little ones under the age of two.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yesterday Stella and I went to Euro Treasures to do a little work. However, it mainly turned into us just hanging out like we do at home, except we were at the shop. Grandpa was particularly excited to have us visit, and I don't think he minded that we really weren't that helpful. So far Stella is not that good at selling antiques, but the customers seemed to enjoy her young face amongst the relics of the past.

I told Stella that she better get used to the place, because we have thousands of antiques to sell, and we are probably going to be selling them for a very long time. She didn't seem phased by that, yet she seems phased by very little these days. Life is pretty good when all you have to do is drink bottles, nap, and smile at your fans.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


When Stella is getting ready for her bath and I lay her down by the mirror she has always looked at it, and I thought that she was looking at herself. Soon I realized from her angle she couldn't see herself, and she was looking at me. She must have been confused thinking, "When did I get two mommies?"

Then when I would try to put her in front of the mirror she would ignore the "other" baby and just look at me.

Last night though Brent put her in front of the mirror and she acknowledged the "other" baby for the first time. They seemed to like each other.


There hasn't seemed to be much controversy as to who Stella looks like. EVERYONE that sees her these days says: "She looks just like Brent!" or "That is totally a Brent face!" It is funny because I have always been able to tell which parent a baby takes after, but with Stella I just think she looks like well....Stella.

Still she does clearly take after her father....

EXHIBIT A. She is developing a pronounced double chin.
EXHIBIT B. She loves to eat, and doesn't know when she is full until it is too late.
EXHIBIT C. She can move her big toe away from the other toes, which I cannot do. Brent does it with ease.
EXHIBIT E. She has tummy trouble, and takes medication for it.
EXHIBIT F. She burps ALL OF THE TIME! She is also very good at it.
EXHIBIT G. She lets me buy all her clothes and dress her.
EXHIBIT H. She is easily distracted by her toys.
EXHIBIT I. Her cheeks are overly kissable.
EXHIBIT J. She thinks her dad is the funniest man alive.



Monday, September 8, 2008


Being a Relief Society president had its challenges for sure, and I don't miss it much. However, I was lucky to serve with an amazing bishop. Bishop Goeckeritz and I became very close, and I feel like he is a grandfather to me. Since we still live so close, it isn't hard to stop by for a visit.

Today we made the trek over to see Bishop and Elvona, and hopefully snag some peaches. Last year I got some AMAZING peaches from them, but I missed the peach days this year (so sad). As a consolation prize we were given a cucumber the size of Stella. Apparently it was one of the smaller cucumbers.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This weekend my friend Christy and her husband Geoff and son Aedan came to visit all the way from Las Vegas to meet Miss Stella. We had a really nice visit. We didn't do much, but we managed to head out to Sugar House Park to let Aedan see the ducks and geese and run around.

It didn't take long for Aedan to want to get his feet wet. Throwing rocks into water while standing in water....what a treat! He loved it so much that he wasn't the least bit bothered by the rocky terrain.

I took this picture sitting down and holding an asleep Stella. I thought it turned out delightful. I am so happy that my friends marry such nice fellows that make amazing husbands and dads! Geoff actually VOLUNTEERED to mow our lawn...he said he wanted to! Thanks Geoff!

Thanks you guys for making the drive to see us! We love you and had a great weekend!