Tuesday, June 28, 2016


So last summer, Stella and I headed up to Idaho to see the Gummows and see some baseball. We saw zero games! So this year we were hoping to actually see some baseball. Well, we got more than we ever could have bargained for. So much baseball, so much! But it was totally fun. We loved it.

The first night we got there it was Catcher's first game of the championship. And his team almost lost--it was seriously a close one. They hadn't lost one game the whole season and it was down to the wire. It was tense. Craig was the coach of Catcher's team so we were all a bit more invested than usual. After winning that game they played awesome. Heidi and I were still on edge each second, especially when Catcher was pitching (he was awesome BTW). We wouldn't let any of the other kiddos bug us and we were nervous wrecks, but after they won game two we were in a pretty good mood and had all weekend to rest until the last game. I took some pics of Catcher. Of course it embarrassed him a bit, but I didn't care.

 We had good summer weather for the first of our trip so the kiddos got out the slip and slide. Playing at Grandma Barb and Papa Dave's house is one of the many highlights for Miss Stella when she goes to Idaho.

 So I didn't take any pictures during the championship game. It was seriously way too stressful. The game was tight and each second counted. Heidi had to go to the bathroom so bad that she went at one point after Catcher had made it to first base, and while she was in there he stole his way to home plate. I was like a crazy person jumping up and running to the bathroom to tell her the news, to which she replied that she might have to stay in there the rest of the game because it was all just too much. Everyone around us was acting crazy though so we weren't alone. I look back though and think, hmmm...maybe we were a bit too fanatical.

So Catcher and Craig's team won the game and the championship! It was amazing. It was such a fun night to be a Gummow. I was really impressed with how Craig coached his team for the win. And of course I was so proud of my sweet Catcher for being awesome and such a humble kid. Everyone was so excited.

 We went to three of Wyn's games. They weren't as thrilling, but Wyn was awesome. Stella and Catcher mostly just hung out in the old announcer box and talked and played the whole time. Heidi, who isn't the official coach, has taken on an assistant coach role with the team, so of course I had to get some pics of hot Coach Heidi.

On a side note the last Wyn game we went to it was 47 degrees out and I was FREEZING!! It was also crazy because one of the elders that served in my mission has a daughter on the team and after the third game I finally realized why he looked familiar. Of course when I asked him his name I wasn't surprised I was right. He claimed to remember me, but I am not so sure...

 Cy had spent the first part of our visit at a basketball camp in Provo. We finally got him back and he got his braces off right away. He looks so much older all of the sudden and I kind of hate it. Cy's team also played pretty well, although they only placed second in the league. We missed the last games by being in Utah, which was kind of okay--we were a bit baseballed out.

Cy plays an awesome 1st base and had some amazing hits while we were there. He moved up in batting order because he did so well. Again, we were so proud, but his games were also a lot less stressful. Thank heavens!

 So after staying Wednesday through the next Friday I knew it was time to come home. I had a photo shoot and also Brent was missing us. I should have just packed up and went home first thing on Friday, because prolonging the actual leaving was tearing my daughter to pieces, but we still had some lunch and last minute shaved ice by the falls. The kiddos had their dollar store sunglasses and were all looking pretty cool.

I had a long list of must dos while we were there, mostly food related. And although we didn't make it to Yellowstone or the sand dunes...because it got crazy cold...and well...all the baseball...we did manage to eat at all my favorite establishments and even try out some new ones. So all in all the trip was a raging success. 

We love our Gummows and it is not that fun to have to get used to life without them after our time is over. We are so lucky to have them in our lives, and since they are pretty popular, we will take what we can get--it is never enough, but still always awesome.