Saturday, August 25, 2012


This entire summer I heard this from Stella: "How many sleeps 'til Catch-Cy come to stay at my house?" At the begining of the summer, I said: "Stella, too many sleeps for you to count." I knew our visit would come fast though because, well, the summer truly flies.

We were so busy during Catchy-Cy week, but of course I really don't have that many pictures. One reason is that we spent a good deal of time at Raging Waters (I don't care that it is not called that anymore--it will always be that name to me), and I am not about to take a camera of any value there. So no fun pics of us having a totally fun time at the water park. We also made it to the Dinosaur Museum for $2 Tuesday. It was crazy, insane busypants! But we still had fun, and I didn't get into any fights with crazy moms this time. 

I think Stella's favorite days were the ones where we didn't do a thing. Stella was just left alone with her boys to rock it in the yard. Two of those times left her soaking wet in her pajamas from the night before and so freaking happy that she looked ready to explode from joy. 

Early in the week the boys' cousins came over and as soon as I realized that they were coming into my house with cups, filling them up from the fridge, and then throwing them on each other, I gave them permission to turn on the hose. After that it was soaked city, and then they celebrated the fun with banana creamies.

The next time after getting totally wet the kids built a house using our patio furniture. Poor Cy had to play the dad. He had some very demanding children, although he was very good at juggling the demands that a dad who has his family living in a makeshift patio home would have.

The day before the Gummows left they spent some more time with cousins and of course Stella couldn't stop missing them. "I miss Catchy-Cy, they are so nice and kind to me." And they are. We love them and had a great visit.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Stella's friends Noah, Emily, and baby Anna are in town visiting their family this month for a few weeks. We are lucky enough to be on the list of people that get to see them while they are here. It is a good thing, because Stella freaking loves these guys. I took a few pics on Monday while we swam at their grandma's pool.

I do want to remember how Stella would go to the ladder and say she needed help from her friends because she was "entrapped." So cute.