Saturday, October 30, 2010


Halloween is certainly never complete without a full-on photo shoot of my baby in her adorable costume. My fascination with Stella being an inanimate object for the holiday has continued into 2010 and will continue until she starts deciding on her own what she wants to be. Let me just say that I am so glad that stores make such cute costumes now that mommies all over the world don't have to learn how to sew just so they can make a Halloween costume. I saw this cupcake on months ago and snagged it up right away. It couldn't be cuter and the only trouble I had with it was deciding if she looked best with or without the hat. Now prepare to be amazed--these pictures could be an ad for that silly cupcake least I think so!


I wanted to get some pictures of the girls together, but it started to rain so I lost patience pretty fast. As you can tell, the girl's mommies almost didn't recognize their babies because Ava looked super scary and Stella looked very delicious.


It astounds me how delightful it is to take my little daughter trick-or-treating. She totally got the concept last year, so now that she is another year older and wiser she is like a Halloween professional. She would go up to the doors all by herself, give them a good knock and yell "Trick-or-Treat!" She was usually good at saying "Thank you" or "Happy Halloween" as well. She kept telling us how much fun she was having and loved running from house to house (at the beginning anyway). We decided this year to go through my parents' neighborhood, which turned out not to be a bad idea at all when Stella managed to snag a few full-sized candy bars while she was out. After being out for a good while, Ava was tired, but I asked Stella if she wanted to go home or to go to more houses. "More houses!" she yelled. And when she saw Ava head home: "Ava is too tired." However, as we went to those last few houses her pumpkin had gotten so full that she needed me to carry it in between homes. I was also pretty impressed as she would head up to the scary houses as well with no fear. She was, however, scared of some of the neighborhood puppies.

When we got back home to Papa, she showed him all her stash. She was mostly proud of her Princess cards that had Cinderella on them. But she did not forget about all that candy--she had sure worked hard for it!

[Editor's Note: This last photo is not Stella after being punched in the face, but rather, photographic proof that while M&Ms may not melt in your mouth, they will in fact melt all over your face.]

Monday, October 25, 2010


I always like to take a trip up to Idaho Falls around Cy's birthday. It is kind of a fall thing, fueled by my and Heidi's mutual distaste for the season. Stella of course always has the best time. On Saturday, both Cy and Catcher had basketball games. We missed Cy's because it was way too early in the morning, but we made it to Catcher's. Stella was so excited to see a basketball game (hopefully my fears of a sports-loving child will not be realized). She was the best cheerleader ever, always giving a shout out to Catcher while jumping and clapping. Catcher had a lot of fun at his game. Scores were not kept at either of their games, but in my book, I know they won on adorableness alone.

In the afternoon, Stella and the boys took a ride in the Beehive Bug. It is both a bug and a limo and apparently very rare. Craig's credit union bought it for promotional stuff and it was at the house because they used it for Cy's birthday party with his friends earlier in the week. Stella thought the ride was hilarious. With lots of bumping and noise, she was laughing like crazy with her boys in the car. And don't worry, we didn't really let her drive it. She is only two for heaven's sake and doesn't yet know how to drive a stick.

We did nothing on Sunday, just ate and hung out. When we finally got on the road at 7 PM it was raining like crazy and rather windy. As we started on the freeway I thought for sure that it couldn't last forever. But the weather was terrible for three whole hours. I thought for sure that we were done for several times. It was raining so hard that sometimes I couldn't see a thing, then the wind would blow and I thought we were going to blow off the road. Stella was in the back seat saying prayer after sweet prayer and we finally made it home in one piece, although my nerves were shattered.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love Las Vegas. I have only absolutely awesome memories from my many visits there, and I had a smile on my face the whole time we were there this week. Heidi and Craig were there for a conference and we decided to come down so we could hang out with Miss Heidi while Craig was in meetings during the day. Stella was super excited and talked about "Vegas Baby" for days before the trip. Especially after I packed her swimming suit and told her that she would be able to go swimming in a few days. She could hardly wait. To add to the already good time, my dad flew in from his trip to Africa and met us there as well.

Our first day, Stella couldn't wait a second longer to go to the pool. She was excited to find a baby pool just her size. She loved going up and down the stairs, and then bouncing on Grandma's legs. If she could talk about it to you, I am sure she would tell you it was an awesome time.

Then we headed to the super awesome outlet mall where we shopped almost 'til we dropped. Seriously. I was so proud of my Heidi who actually spent some money on clothes for herself. I also managed to find some awesome shoes at Dolce & Gabbana and a purse from Kate Spade for myself. Stella was a total trooper. She sat in her stroller and just enjoyed the thrill of shopping. She only caused a little bit of trouble when she lost her sunglasses (that I thankfully found), and it was also a struggle for her to go anywhere without getting a compliment on her adorableness.

That night we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Stella was really thrilled to see Craig, even though she totally played shy when she finally saw him. As we were leaving the awesome statue show at Caesar's (that draws in tourists from near and far) was going on and we thought Stella would like to watch it. It made her so scared and she kept her hands over her eyes the whole time. It was hilarious.

Here we are posing like the models in the wall poster for the new H&M store that is "coming soon."

Would you believe the next day was more of the same: pool, shopping, etc. And it was just as awesome? Yep. That is Vegas Baby for ya! (We got Stella to say "Vegas Baby" a lot.) She also was excited to point out all of the helicopters, which she called 'helipoppers.' So cute.

Right before we left, Stella started taking all of the empty shopping bags and, taking her cue from her mom and auntie, she started posing with the bags and asked me to take her picture. I was happy to do so.

When we were booking the trip, we decided that we would be more comfortable with a two bedroom condo than a room on the strip. When my mom found this place she told me, "I found a nice spot that isn't too much. It just has the worst name." "What is it?" I asked. "The Desert Rose." "Ewwwww!" I cringed, "That sounds like a feminine product."

We both hated the name and laughed every time we had to say it to someone. Like when I was checking out the car: "Where are you staying?" asked the courteous girl behind the counter. "Oh, just a little condo-ish place off the strip by the MGM Grand." Which was specific enough to me. "Ma'am, we need a name." PAUSE. "Well, um (in a whisper) The Desert Rose."

While talking with Brent on the phone: "We've made it to our room at (spoken seductively) The Desert Rose." (uproarious laughter by me) Brent: "I don't get it." And perhaps most of you won't either but my mom and I did, and that is what makes us hilarious.