Monday, September 22, 2014


It seems that no matter how hard I try, Stella keeps getting older and older every year. And apparently I had to let her turn six this year, which was not my favorite thing in the world. So we had to have another special party to celebrate Stella, since celebrating Stella IS my favorite thing in the world.

It was clearly going to be a My Little Pony party this year--what else could it be? Stella went to a friend's birthday party the morning of her birthday where she got her face painted with a rainbow which thankfully went with her pony theme. Then we had lunch together at Noodles and Company, one of her favorite restaurants. We spent the rest of the day decorating and getting ready for the party. We were very proud of our My Little Pony cake. We worked hard on it and it turned out awesome.

Stella got lots of gifts and she had a wonderful few days after her birthday playing with them and treating each gift like it was the best present in the world. She is the sweetest spoiled girl I know. She has so much but she is generous and loves to share her toys with others.

Now that she is six she has grown so much and she is learning a great deal every day. She is easily my favorite person in the world and I am delighted by her each day. Stella really wishes she had a brother or a sister (well, a sister at least) and all of us Sallays also wish that were the case. However, I have to say that even though we may only have one kiddo in our family, it is certainly the best one ever. She brings joy to everyone she meets, and we love her so much!


I am months behind in keeping up with the blog. Sitting down now at the end of September, I am realizing that I have to go back to talk about things that happened in May! Yikes.

Well,  next on the list of things that happened months ago is Stella's spring performances. This year it was a Disney theme and they sang different Disney songs while looking a tiny bit like Minnie Mouse. Stella had so many opportunities to perform that it got crazy at one point. She loved it though. She had a solo during "Hi-Ho," which was always my favorite five seconds of the performance. Because, well, everyone thinks their kid is the best, and I am not ashamed to tell you that my kid was the best of all the kids.

We had to put her hair in curlers for each show, and get her all dolled up. I took these pictures one day when we had a few extra minutes before showtime.

This was her "parking lot" performance. It was a tricky one because the sun was setting right in her pretty little face. But she was a trooper. 

The next show where I brought my good camera along was to Wheeler Farm. Heidi and Wyn came all the way from Idaho for this one. It was very hot, and our little star got so thirsty! Thankfully she was on the side of the stage that was in the shade, because some of the other performers were not so lucky. Whew!

Stella loved all her performances this spring. It was fun, but man, I don't know how anyone would handle this if they had more kids. It is really time-consuming for a couple of weeks of your life. But of course we are now back for another year. Stella had the summer off but she is already back in the studio learning her Christmas songs. She loves it every week and I am so proud of our little star.