Sunday, July 8, 2012


This Fourth of July, Stella and I went on an adventure with my dad to Eureka, Utah. Dad is friends with the mayor and he wants Dad to buy one of the buildings on Main Street and fix it up. I have always wanted to check out this semi-ghost town so we tagged along. I told Stella we were going to a ghost town and she asked a while later: "Are they going to say 'Boo'?" I looked at her confused. "You know," she said, "the ghosts." Eureka is an old mining town that had lots of interesting things to see, and Brent's grandma was actually born there as well.

Of course we turned it into a little photo shoot, taking pictures as we walked around. Then we had lunch where Stella insisted on sitting at the old counter, and afterwards we went on a drive seeing some of the old mining locations. We also stopped at the totally awesome Sinclair station on the way back to Salt Lake. Stella is such a great model--she does her mama proud.

When we got home people were already starting to arrive for dinner. We had both grandparents and Brent's brother over for a BBQ. Dinner was simple and yummy. Stella also learned that she is a natural T-ball player. With her parents' genes it was all quite a surprise. She loves to play (and we even played again tonight with Courtney and Tyler). She is lucky because no one is allowed to get her out.

The night ended with a box of fireworks with silly names. Stella would present each one: "Ladies and gentlemen, now presenting: Sparkle Freedom Dragon Fire!" It was adorable, and arguably the best part of our fireworks show. Isn't summer the best?