Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last night I decided I wanted to have a little Pioneer Day party. It is also Riley's birthday today so we celebrated both occasions. I don't think my family has bought and shot off fireworks for at least 15 years, but now that Stella and Ava are old enough to enjoy them I thought we should put on a little show. I have to admit, I was certainly excited for them. During the day, Stella found the box of fireworks and insisted that I open it. We took all of them out and played Fireworks Stand. Perhaps not the best toy for a 2-year old, but she loved it.

My mom bought some bubbles for the girls and they loved it when Uncle Tyler made them bubbles. We also all hung out on the deck and told some of our most scandalous tales. Soon it was finally dark enough to get started. The girls loved the show, and would help pick out which fireworks we should set off next. My personal favorite part of lighting those fireworks is hearing the names--they are hilarious. It was a great night and we successfully exhausted both Ava and Stella (and maybe even Riley and Brent as well).


mistieleigh said...

fun times. i haven't done real gooood fireworks for years either.

angelicindy said...

you're pictures are always so fun to look at because I can see the personality. That's awesome :).

BTW, I have a doctor appointment coming up on August 6th and I wondered if I could sleep at your house on Thursday, August 5th. Send me an email and let me know if that would work for you. Thanks!

Lori said...

We dropped off Grandma about 10:00 and saw your remains. It looks like you had a pretty good time.