Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have a very strong dislike for most chores that require being repeated day after day. I can't get out of many of them like brushing teeth or doing dishes. One I do avoid most often is styling my hair. I wash it, walk outside with wet hair, and put it in a pony tail after it dries. It is lazy, and perhaps not that flattering.

I always laugh when people ask me if I curl Stella's hair. "Do I look like I would take the extra time to curl my daughter's hair?" is always my response. I always feel bad when I see little girls with no real hair to work with, but their mommies have at least tried to make them extra cute using an elastic or two. So the other day I tried giving Stella a "pony." Um...she loved it, and kept looking in the mirror at her adorable pony.

So I ask you: Why when I put my hair in a pony does it make me look lazy and less cute, but then if I put Stella's hair in a pony it looks like I am a mom on top of my game, and she looks...dare I say it...even cuter with her pony? It is a great mystery, my friends, that is for sure.


Christy said...

She does look pretty cute with a little pony tail! :)

mistieleigh said...

Oh my! It really does look like the cutest thing ever with a pony in her hair! Seriously, it does. But i know you know that. :) I like her new look.

Kristen said...

just face it, your kid's cute no matter what!