Saturday, January 15, 2011


Last night Crystal called and asked if me and Stella wanted to go and have a photo shoot at the downtown library today. I thought it was a great idea, and had lots of fun putting together a little outfit for my model. I loved how colorful she was, which is why most of these are in color instead of my usual go-to, B&W.

Stella was really chatty and had a great time with Crystal and Livi. Stella is generally very shy when she is in new places, so I was surprised to hear her ask a little girl if she wanted to play with her when the girls were in the library play area. We went to lunch afterward at Cafe Rio and it was so cute watching Stella sit and have a real serious conversation with Crystal. But by far the cutest thing that happened was when we went up the glass elevators at the library. Stella and Livi both grabbed each others' hands as they headed up--it was so sweet to watch them together.


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I am so excited to come and see you guys! Stella is getting so big!