Saturday, December 24, 2011


Tonight for Christmas Eve we went out to dinner at Asian Star. We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed the Santa headbands that Ava brought as well as the Russian hat that dad wore tonight to be extra festive. We were a wild bunch and left the table in shambles.

Before bed we decided to leave out some snacks for Santa and the reindeer. Stella picked out a Snickers and a Fruit Roll-Up. And she decided to give her celery to Dasher. She was sure to mush up the Roll-Up for Santa just how she likes them. This is the first year that Stella has been able to really understand being excited for Santa, and her excitement is adorable.

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Christy said...

So cute! I love the headbands, you all look so cute! Did Ava have bangs before or are they new? They are super cute!