Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've been in an admittedly non-photo taking, non-bloggifying mood this last week. I don't know, maybe it is having a birthday and turning one year older again that is just making me want to leave my camera at home.

For my birthday this year we had an early celebration that Brent organized at Market Street. I got spoiled with gifts and it was so fun. Then on my actual birthday my mom brought over dinner, we got caught up on the Amazing Race, and Court and Tyler also joined us as I blew out my cupcake candles.

This year Thanksgiving was small. It was only us, my parents, and Brent's parents. We had a nice time though and dinner was awesome. My dad rocked the turkey and Stella ate some rolls. We played games and visited until we were all ready to head home for bed. What was Stella most thankful for this year? That mommy fixed her princess light.

So I totally forgot that after Thanksgiving it is traditional to put up Christmas decorations. Stella was super glad I remembered and had fun putting up ornaments today. I had my camera out from a photo shoot this morning so I snapped a few of my baby and her tree. She was so proud of the big one we did together, but not nearly as proud as she was of the little one that she did all by herself. She put all the ornaments in one spot and it looks hilarious and adorable. I can't believe it is Christmas time again...

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Friday was a beautiful day. When I sit back and think about all of the hard work that went into making such a fantastic wedding happen, I want to nap. It was a lot of work, and all us Evanses had to do was show up. Courtney has such a beautiful eye, and she put together an amazing wedding.

Their sealing was at the Draper Temple. They had a really great sealer. He asked them each to share with us why they love each other. Courtney said that she loved Tyler because he made her feel beautiful and loved. Tyler said he loved Courtney because she has a strong testimony and because she makes him smile and laugh. They said more, but those are the things I remember most. I wish every sealer did that--I thought it was so nice. The actual sealing was beautiful. I think I fully realized how much I love my baby brother then, and I was so happy for them both. It was also fun to be sitting by my cute newly endowed grandpa while he watched his first sealing. We both agreed that Grandma was there and was so happy for Tyler.

The Draper Temple is always windy, and it was chilly to boot. But the sun was out and it was a beautiful day at the temple.

I love this picture, because I unknowingly caught Brent pointing to where I was supposed to go BE in a picture instead of TAKING a picture. So us.

When I got married I wished more people had gone around and taken pictures of me getting my picture taken. So that is what I did with the newlyweds. I planned to stay for just a minute, but I was too taken with my brother's handsomeness and my new sister-in-law's stunningness and I stayed the entire time. Here are a few of my favorites. There are, um, a lot. Keep your eye out for Tyler's cowboy pic. He seemed to really want to do it (or at least to joke about it) but the photographer wasn't having it. I went ahead and snapped one for him. I think he makes a good cowboy.

After following the bride and groom around, we headed to the Old Mill Golf Course for the wedding luncheon. It was really nice and we had a full house. Several people made little speeches and there was a lot of love in the room. I had been thinking about my relationship with Tyler a lot that morning and when I spoke I shared with everyone how Tyler is a peacemaker. It is interesting as I look back on my life that I can't remember getting into one fight with Tyler. He just doesn't value being right or arguing. I mentioned how I noticed as I was watching some old home movies that while in Hawaii there were Ash and I on the bed and Tyler on the floor with a blanket and he NEVER complained. I shared about how special it was to go with Tyler back to visit his mission and see him share his testimony and how I realized then that he wasn't a kid anymore. I talked about how he is true to himself and that Courtney won't have any real surprises about his personality now that they are married. Most of all I just made sure everyone knew how much I love my brother. We have had a lot of good talks recently and A LOT of great shopping trips together and I am admittedly a little sad that some of those things are now just memories.

My dad felt inspired to ask Larry Beardall to say a few words. At first I thought that was kind of weird, but he said some really nice things. He reminded us what a miracle it was that my dad was there today (not that I had forgotten), and that two years ago my dad was in a hospital not expected to live. He also said what a miracle it was to have my grandpa there at the temple today. The Beardalls have known us for a long time and I sometimes forget how much influence they had on my family when we were sealed in the temple when I was 14. When Tyler was born almost 30 years ago weighing only 2 lbs he was also not expected to live. But it was because of priesthood blessings that he is alive and part of our family today, and I know we would be incomplete without him.

The reception was beautiful. It was held at the train depot at the Gateway. Courtney and her family did an amazing job putting a lovely evening together. You could feel the beauty of everything from the moment you walked into the reception.

It was fun to be able to visit with people as they came and to watch the girls dance and run and run and dance. They were like little silver balls of energy.

Ash and I had the hardest time finding cream tops to go with our wedding skirts. But we found something in the end. We both wore Dolce & Gabbana shoes to be at our most sassy. When I asked Riley to take some pics of us he asked: "Do you want your shoes in these?" He sure knows what is important!

Of course the reception was full of traditions like standing in line and greeting guests, first dances, cutting the cake, and tossing bouquets, and Tyler also sang a song to Courtney to start off their first dance together. It was awesome.

There was a little bit of dancing...

And then they were off, bubble style.

This last picture was a stolen moment from before the reception started, and I just like it. I can't lie--after I took this picture I made them fake it and stay a while while I took some more, but this was the first shot I took before they knew I was looking.

Congratulations Tyler and Courtney!