Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I saw this Minnie Mouse outfit months ago at Toys"R"Us and just about died. My question to Stella: "Can I buy this for you for Halloween, and can you wait until then to be Minnie Mouse?" She agreed and her "MinMin" costume waited for her in our closet ever since.

When she became Minnie last night I about died. So cute. She posed it up for me and totally channeled her inner Minnie Mouse.

Stella was so excited to see Ava and go out for trick or treats! Ava and Ashley were both rocking their witch hats.

We had sandwiches for dinner, at which time my mom tried to steal Stella's Minnie ears.

This year the girls were super ready to head out and get some candy. After each house they would both say: "One more house" or "Another one!" Then all of the sudden they ran out of steam. It was like their switches were turned off. They had the best time though and it was absolutely adorable to watch them do their thing.

It was also the best treat to be able to head out without any coats on. It might have been the most perfect Halloween weather I can remember. We had a great night.


Christy said...

Oh my! She is the cutest Minnie ever!

mistieleigh said...

love, love her as minnie. Seni was Minnie when we was almost one. so fun. (she was a red and white minnie though.) :)
And Stellas crystal blue eyes are unbelievable! So gorgeous.