Saturday, March 16, 2013


Stella and I were in Idaho last week. It was the week of taking Mayor's Scholarship pictures and also as an added bonus Mr. Catcher Gummow was baptized on Saturday. Taking the Mayor pictures was kind of crazy this year--we had the worst weather the first day, but in typical Idaho passed, so we were still able to get nice outdoor pictures of the kids. 

On Friday while the boys were at school we took Wyn and Stella to a trampoline place. I should have brought my camera, because they were both so cute doing their jumping. Other than that we just hung out and prepared for the big baptism day.

Before the baptism, I took Catcher out to take a few pics of him in his suit. He looked adorable. 

His actual baptism was so lovely. Sometimes with important spiritual milestones, it is hard to tell if you are feeling the spirit or if you are just feeling a lot of love for the person experiencing the milestone. Because honestly, while he was getting baptized I just thought about how much I freaking love that kid. I remember holding him as a sweet newborn baby and now he is this sweet boy who is so thoughtful and wonderful to my daughter. He is such a good friend to everyone and I just love him. Stella didn't really remember Cy's baptism, so this was really fun for her because she didn't know what a baptism would entail. However, after seeing the dunking she said she wasn't so sure about the idea of doing it herself. Oh, and one cute thing she told everyone while we were waiting for Catcher's turn: "My daddy gave me a baptism when I was sick." She of course was thinking of a blessing but it was super cute.

After the baptism we headed over to the house for dinner and watched Catcher open gifts.

On Sunday, Stella got in a lot of pretend time with her Aunt Heidi and her boys: house, doctor, Scooby Doo, and legos were on the agenda, but the most special of all was tea party:

While playing house in the basement, Heidi found this hilarious '80s veil worn by her cousin in the late '90s. It looked super funny on Stella so I had to have a little bridal shoot. I made Catcher pose with Stella in his suit (he did not want to) for a little wedding portrait. This idea was not well received by everyone (especially Craig), but Heidi and I sure got a kick out of it.

Before we left on Monday, Heidi sent Stella off with some of her old Barbies that were still in the box. Stella cried about having to leave all the way until Pocatello, and soon after that my car hit 100,000 miles. Stella just kept complaining that Idaho is too far away from Utah. We were happy to be home, but had a great time as always in Idaho with the boys.


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