Thursday, May 16, 2013


I think it is clear to anyone who sees them together that Ava and Stella have, as Ava calls it, “a special bond.” I don’t think Ashley or I expected to have our 5-year old girls be only children and it is so wonderful that they have each other. I know they were sent to earth together. I always know that Ava has Stella’s back. Ava is fearless and I have seen her defend Stella many a time. Stella is so thoughtful and is always thinking of her best friend Ava. They make such an adorable pair.

I bought this top and dress at Janie & Jack last fall, and when my mom saw them she mentioned that it would be cute to get the girls together in them for a photo shoot. I thought it was a good idea too, so for a Mother’s day present we took these pictures of the girls. I think they turned out absolutely adorable.

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