Sunday, November 3, 2013


It is no secret that I didn't like Halloween much until I had Stella, but my enjoyment of the holiday only increased with the addition of a wig to her costume last year. So this year...I had to have another wig...just HAD to. So Stella picked Ariel. The wig was a pretty wild red and was kind of a tangled mess, but it still looked hilarious and adorable on her. 

She was able to wear her costume three times: to the ward party, to school, and then trick-or-treating. After her school party and parade we had a photo shoot at home. We thought it would be hilarious to take a picture of her on our rock and also a few with a fork (aka a dinglehopper according to Ariel's friend Scuttle). 

I wish someone had been filming me taking these pictures so you could see that these sassy and hilarious faces were all Stella's doing. She is such a natural little model, it just tickles me. I wasn't feeling all that great (I got a positive strep test the next morning), but I was laughing so hard as I took these pictures. My darling Ariel:

That night Ashley and Ava hosted a Halloween dinner. We had pizza and then went out for trick or treats. The girls had a blast together. It was of course super cute to watch.


MathMan said...

This is awesome!! Glad you guys had fun. :)

Christy said...

So fun! I love all of the pics from her photo shoot!