Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Most people don't think of me and sports...ever. Well, little known fact: I used to be a HUGE Jazz fan. Back in the Stockton/Malone glory days I used to get WAY into the games. So much so that a loss or a win would have huge effects on my mood/life. Finally I realized that I was letting a bunch of overpaid babies decide my mood and I couldn't take it anymore and I let my love for the Jazz die a quick death. Still though, when our neighbors offered us tickets for the New Years Eve game I was totally into it and Stella was excited and we invited Papa. It was a freezing cold night, but the inside of the arena was hot with excitement! ;)

 Stella loved when it was our turn to have the blow-up stick things to distract the other team. The Jazz were ahead pretty much the whole time and with like two minutes left they were up by 20, but Stella could not and WOULD not take her eyes off of the game. "I'm so much in suspense!" she exclaimed adorably.

We WAHOOED like crazy when they won and took more pictures than we needed to. Stella loved the game and had the best time. It was a really fun way to spend New Year's Eve.

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valerie sallay said...

sounds like a good time to me!!! Love your shirt stella!