Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The amazing Barb Trenchak was born on leap year, and this year marked her 16th birthday. So even though Heidi was having a pretty busy February, she knew she had to throw a sweet 16 surprise party for her mom. I seriously love Barb, I have managed to weave my way into her affections over the years and I'm so thankful for her in my life.

Stella and I flew up to Idaho Falls for a sneak attack surprise to help Heidi put together this event. So many little and big lies had to to be made to get Barb and Dave out of their house. Then we had to clean and decorate. It was a lot of work, I'm not gonna lie. But of course, no surprise to me or anyone else, the party was freaking adorable. Heidi worked her magic and put together a wonderful event. And to top it off, Barb was so surprised! She was so happy and smiley the whole night and she even would give me a kissy face when I asked her to "BE 16!!!!"

The pictures are pretty fun, especially all of the balloon ones. Those balloons really did their little magic for the night.

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