Thursday, September 29, 2016


September 14th marked the very important day that two years ago our little joy of a man Porter came into the world. The party was planned to be at Wheeler Farm, but we were rained out so we had the party at Courtney's parents' house. It was still pretty fun to watch our little farmer Porter enjoy the night.

I've never been more delighted watching a child open their gifts. He was hilarious and loved each one so very much. After opening his first gift he spotted the giant panda bear that Stella had picked out for him. He walked right up to it, grabbed it, and gave it a big kiss. Then he snuggled it all over the place. It was pretty adorable. He loved everything he got, but I think his favorite present was a scooter from my parents. He LOVED that thing and I just about died when he went over to his little girl cousin Scotty while she was on it and said: "Baby, off!" and gave her a little nudge. Like she was the baby and he was the big kid.

On top of that fun watching him blow out the candles was seriously the best. He was delighted by all the singing and was expressing his joy in such a cute way I could hardly take it. Then after we were done he carefully bent over and took his time blowing out each of his two candles. He got them both making all his wishes come true. His wish must have been that his giant panda could sleep with him because he has been taking it to bed ever since that night.

We of course love this little guy and feel so lucky that he is a part of our lives. He and Stella have such a special friendship and I'm so glad they have each other. It was a fun night thanks to the entertainer that is our very own Porter Norman Evans.

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valerie sallay said...

I feel like I know Porter.. Even thought I have never meet him.. Between you and following Courtney, He is like part of my life.. Happy Birthday Porter!!!