Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am going to be honest here--I thought Stella would be walking by now. And she can, a few steps, but she certainly is not interested in a full walking schedule yet. I think she could do it, but just does not want to. Stella has loved her walker for a long time, but she used to only be able to walk in a straight line and then, when she would run into something, I would have to turn it for her. Just thinking about the time I spent doing that makes my back hurt. Well just the other day she learned how to steer it herself and she is loving it. Last night I let her use it outside and she thought it was a total treat. Another hilarious bonus is that when you lift her up while she is using it, she will just pick up the walker with her. She dies laughing every time we do that. She must think she is really getting one on Mom and Dad. It was tricky getting these shots--she goes pretty fast with this thing!


Christy said...

That is so cute! You can totally tell how much fun she's having. :)

mistieleigh said...

hi Michelle- i had a smile just reading this post. That is so cute. She has such a fun personality. and she is getting more and more beautiful...i love she still is a bit chubby too...she still has the baby face - which one day sadly disapears!

Christy said...

Just wanted to tell ya that Cali took her first steps using her walker thingy yesterday. So exciting!