Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have had the craziest week ever! We have had family in town from both sides, I had several photo shoots including my very first wedding up in Logan, I had a baby shower to attend, a chocolate cake to make from scratch then show off AND let's not forget, the general adorableness of my only child to keep up with. All in all, a crazy week. I haven't even had a chance to fully watch the finale shows of So You Think You Can Dance. Last night I skipped to the end to see who had won because I still hadn't heard and didn't want it to slip out from some random person at church or something.

So here is my first catch-up post. Every summer, Heidi makes a point to have an extended stay with us, and we go up and stay a night at our condo up at Solitude. It is always a treat and the boys love it. Stella absolutely adores Cy and Catcher. They entertain her to no end. Plus they come with 100 matchbox cars to play with. On the evening we arrived we made pizza (and by "make," I mean Papa Murphy's) and then had an evening swim at the pool. It was a little too cold for Stella to get in, but she was still delighted to play with the water a bit.

Brent has not put on a swimsuit since an unfortunate chafing incident on a cruise about 4 years ago.

The next morning Stella was thrilled to find her cousins still with her. After a leaslurly morning we went on a nature walk while the boys played on bikes and scooters. I also got Cy to show off his signature model poses, Catcher only has one pose and it might need a little work.

Then it was to the pool again for our day swim. Ashley and Ava came up for that. Stella loves the pool. She even kicked a little as we practiced her swimming skills.

I took Ava to the flowers before she left. The light was super harsh and it was difficult to get a picture of her since she certainly was in no mood. Here are two that turned out well though.

It is always a lot of work to take the kids, the gear, and all of the food up to the condo. However, we always have a delightful time. While driving home, Stella was obsessed with getting fives from Cy and Catch in the backseat of the car. She would hold out her hand and beg for a five. When Catcher fell asleep she would still hold out her hand and move her fingers asking for her five until she finally gave up and got another one from her cousin that was still awake. Flash forward to the next night when she was in the car alone--Heidi and I looked in the mirror to find her with both of her hands out looking for her missing cousins to give her five. It was so cute.


Kristen said...

Shari and I just laughed for at least 3 minutes over the picture of Catch. I think it was your commentary and those pictures of Cy leading up to it and then...Catcher in all his glory. Stella is a pure delight in person and in photos. Loved your wedding photos. I especially liked the one looking up from below when she is in his arms and you see her bright bouquet and them. I would have expected nothing less from you.

mistieleigh said...

fun times. love the yellow hat.