Monday, May 10, 2010


This weekend I headed up to Idaho to meet our new nephew Joshua Wyn. Wyn is adorable, of course, and he is super tiny. He has really long everything including fingers, accented with a perfect tiny head. He is such a good baby and hardly made a peep the whole weekend. He is the luckiest baby ever because his parents are awesome and his two older brothers worship him. Welcome to the world baby Wyn!

For pictures from Wyn's semi-official photo shoot click HERE.


angelicindy said...

Congratulations to Heidi and family :). He is a doll!

Teresa said...

The pictures look so professional!!! Although I must say you had a most beautiful model.
Dear Heidi, I just love, love, love this baby and wish I could give him a big kiss on those adorable cheeks. We are all blessed to have Joshua Wyn with us.
Love MOM