Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tomorrow is the two-year anniversary of when I became an aunt. My little Ava Bean is officially in her terrible twos. To celebrate, Ashley planned a low-key dinner at the Pizza Factory. I was the first to arrive, and when I saw Ava I wished her a happy birthday. She replied: "Where is Stella?" Ashley and Riley booked a room so we could let the girls run around and play together, which they did.

After dinner we sang "Happy Birthday" and Ava loved every second of it. She just kept looking at everyone and smiling. Then she surprised us all by blowing out her candle all by herself!

Ava loves her mommy's high heeled shoes, so her mom ignored the advice of Glamour Magazine and bought a special pair just for her. It took her about a minute to get used to walking in them and soon she was running, jumping, and twirling in her very own high heels.

Ava came out with a load of gifts. Unfortunately, Cousin Stella was not happy about Ava getting all the attention and she threw a few tantrums when she didn't get to open a present. However, the birthday girl had a tremendous time, and that is all that matters. And when you ask Ava how old she is, she can tell you: "I'm TWO!"


Christy said...

How adorable! I absolutely love those shoes!!!

mistieleigh said...

love the his heels. seriously, the cutest thing ever. oooohhhh...where do you guys shop for your girls' shoes? i want some for Seni!!!
Also, i was looking back yesterday at some photos from HS. So crazy. Remember the blotting? isn't that what it was called? and Oh spit, oh hell, oh sh**! So many fun memories with you guys.

angelicindy said...

Booking a room was a very clever idea. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time the fam gets together. And I loved that pic with the girls eating cake. It makes me laugh just thinking about it :). Thanks for posting!

Livi Lou Photography said...

" These shoes were made for walk'n" I love that Ava now has her first pair of heels. You know that she will want to were them with EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY now. LOL good luck with that one!

Teresa said...

Two years of joy for this "grammie"
Thanks for taking such great pictures of the PARTY!!!!