Sunday, June 20, 2010


Our amazing daughter is two today. It would take all day to list all of the adorable things she does so I will just share a few that were prompted by her official Mommy photo shoot.

She loves to jump. She bends her knees, gets really low to the ground, and then....JUMP! She usually makes it about half an inch into the air.

If you ask her to do her muscles then she flexes her muscles, grinds her teeth, and makes an "urrggg" sound.

She loves to twirl and play. She loves balls, thinks it is hilarious to kick them, and laughs if she is hit in the head with one.

Unlike her mom, she loves the wind. It makes her laugh like crazy when the wind blows her hair in a wild manner.

She loves to make eyes at you. I call it the "shifty."

In addition to those few things, she is just the most beautiful child I have ever seen. Her blue eyes have been getting her compliments ever since she was tiny. Her stunning curls prompt people to ask me if I actually curl her hair. (I don't.) Her short legs make people laugh when they see her walk. Her cheeks are still chubby and totally kissable.

She is also the sweetest child. She is much more of a shy girl at two than she was at one, but oh, is she ever charming! Her heart is tender and sensitive, and she is good most of the time. Her spirit is beautiful. She loves going to nursery and singing songs, and she loves to say her prayers at night.

Happy birthday, Stella! Mommy and Daddy can't imagine a world without you. You make us happy every day!


Christy said...

Ah! Happy Birthday Stella!! That shirt is the perfect color for her eyes. She is absolutely adorable!!

John and Valerie said...

I sure miss her! She looks so cute!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA!!

mistieleigh said...

i wish my little Seni would let me take pictures like your Stella does!!! So precious. she is such a sweetheart and lucky to have you for her mommy.

Livi Lou Photography said...

Happy Birthday Stella! Michelle, she just gets more adorable every day! Congrats on having a two year old.

angelicindy said...

Yeah for birthdays! I love hearing what Stella's been up to and her accomplishments :)

Kristen said...

HAPPY Birthday Stella!! You are too good to be true. What lucky parents! (and a lucky girl to have such great parents)
p.s. I love the cupcake picture from her birthday because her cheeks are rosy from all the running and excitement of her special day.