Thursday, June 17, 2010


Krisi and I are always behind the camera. So she asked if we could get together for a picnic and I could take some pictures of her and her son Luke. It was a nice little outing. The only problem was that Stella does not like me taking pictures of other people. She is the star, and she belongs in the pictures. So a few pictures ended in an outburst of tears. She got over it though and in the end, she did not stop talking about Krisi for hours. Krisi was her favorite part of the picnic aside from seeing baby ducks.

Also, my little photographer-in-training took these two VERY nice shots with a little help from her mom. I am so proud.


Sara said...

I'm still sad that I did not get to meet the famous Stella. She really is adorable. And speaking of adorable...Krisi's little Luke is so darling!!! Krisi is as beautiful as ever. Looks like a fun little outing.

mistieleigh said...

love the orange shirt!

angelicindy said...

I love seeing pictures from kids. It's always interesting what they chose to focus on... in the case, Krisi, and for good reason! Adorable!