Sunday, February 20, 2011


Stella looked especially winter chic today at church, so she happily agreed to pose for some pictures afterward. I use the term 'pose' loosely here considering that she actually wouldn't, and these are just some pictures of her playing in the snow.

Stella does lots of adorable things these days. Mostly though she surprises us each day with new phrases and insights. Like a few days ago I said that I loved one of her movies called Ponyo, and she told me: "Mommy, you don't love Ponyo, you love Daddy."

She will also take our orders now and prepare us food. She calls her kitchen the "chicken." Not sure why, since she can say the word "kitchen," she just does. She also makes us laugh how she calls Barnes & Noble "Bawns 'n' Bobo." We also love when she asks for "chalk-co-milk." Pretty much everything she says sounds freaking adorable.

She is still totally obsessed with her movies. She has yet to watch a movie that she hasn't liked. She loves watching movies with her dad. The other morning they watched some classic Mickey Mouse cartoons while Stella was holding her Mickey doll and she said to the doll: "Look Mickey, it's you!"

She also has this thing where she always wants me to be wearing my glasses. In the morning when I go to get her she will say: "Hi Mom, where are your glasses?" or "Hi Mom, you are wearing your glasses." I have no idea where this anxiety comes from, but it consumes her each day.

Over all, she is still very sweet most of the time, and we just love her to pieces.


Christy said...

I LOVE those! She is so adorable!! I love the things kids say! I especially love when they say something just slightly wrong and it's so cute. Then I get sad when they start to say it right. It's so weird that Stella will be 3 in a few months!!

angelicindy said...

She is looking so cute in her outfit! I missed you at the art show, but I hope Stella is feeling better. It was a great show but TONS of people, so you should try to do a week day if you find you want to go. I've got a drs appointment in March, so I'll call you for lunch when it gets closer. Miss you loads!

Trisha Deming said...

Cute! And I love all the Disney pictures favorite is her rolling her suitcase at the airport. How awesome is that?