Friday, March 11, 2011


Stella got a lame action figure toy at McDonald's months ago from some movie, and I always tried to get rid of it, but she loved it. She named it Girl. So when we went to McDonald's and got this little Barbie fairy number scantily clad in a purple ensemble, Stella named her Barbie Girl. Then she got another one, so now they are the Barbie Girls, and they go everywhere we go.

Stella is pretty much potty trained by now, and she is so over using a diaper. But she is still learning. We get pretty excited about the potty around here.

She has started telling me "don't worry" if I ask her to do something or ask her a question where I might seem worried. I think she got that from me because a lot of things seem to worry her and I am always telling her not to worry. She also has picked up the phrase: "I will in four minutes." I have no idea where it comes from, but it is usually her way of procrastinating in a cute way.

Another cute thing that she does is at night when we say our prayers she likes us all to say one and then she says: "Good job, Daddy. Good job, Mommy. Good job, Stella."


mistieleigh said...

i love the little things they say. so cute. I loves Stella's "4 minutes" Seneka procrastinates stuff too and says she'll do it "later." funny. and she recently got one of those mcdonalds barbies too and loved it. finally they have something that isnt so cheap it breaks in 3 minutes!

Christy said...

Man... that Stella cracks me up! :)
Aedan always says "Ok... just a second" and now Cali says it too. How they say it is pretty cute.