Friday, April 29, 2011


I spent a few short hours in Idaho Falls this week. I flew up to take pictures at the Mayor's Scholarship Award dinner for this year. Heidi is in charge of the whole thing, and I am always super impressed with the way she makes everything happen. I have a very smart, sassy, and capable best friend. I also love this program as well so I am lucky to be able to be the official photographer.

It is kind of a stressful event to take pictures at. I had to get pictures of all of the kiddos getting their awards and at one point I am almost positive that I flashed the audience when my skirt flipped up. I then discovered in horror that my flash batteries had died before I had taken the last few pics of the first group of recipients. During the second group, when they would stop and pose for a picture you could hear a pin drop in that room. It was super quiet as I would stand up (check to make sure skirt is down), focus, click, pause (super quiet still), focus, click, sit down. I was so relieved when it was all over and I had captured all the kids for sure.

That night Heidi and I stayed up too late talking. I was also thrilled when she surprised me by buying me the Hunger Games trilogy. I squealed with delight. Like I said, I have an awesome best friend.

For more pictures taken at the dinner, click HERE.

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Christy said...

LOVE the picture of you two!!