Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday Brent took Stella on a little "surprise" shopping trip to the store. When they got home Stella ran to me and yelled: "Mom, I got you a balloon, you wanna see it!?" She of course couldn't stop talking about the balloon and struggled with the concept of a surprise. Then in her prayers that night she said she was thankful for getting Mommy a balloon. Right before he went to bed last night Brent told me: "Just wait, Stella might have a few surprises up her sleeve." I laughed so hard because I know I will never forget how she was too excited to wait to tell me all about the balloon.

Naturally I was super "surprised" when a card and balloon were delivered to my bedroom this morning. Stella showed me the card and then ripped open the envelope and raced to show me the giant pop-up Snoopy inside.

At church Stella also decided she wanted to go up with the other primary kids and sing. She didn't know the words, but she sure looked cute peeking over the wall and waving at her mommy. Man I love her, and I sure am lucky that I got to be her mom.


mistieleigh said...

how sweet. i love her.

Christy said...

Ah! So cute!! I love when kids are so excited that they just have to tell you. I bet it was freakin adorable!! :)