Thursday, June 23, 2011


This past Monday was the long anticipated Princess Birthday Celebration held in honor of Stella's miraculous birth 3 whole years ago. She had been looking forward to it very much. She asked about it every morning, she prayed about it every night, and she asked everyone she saw if they were coming to her princess party. She picked out the dress and decorations, and even picked out Disney Princess bracelets to give to all of her party guests.

Her birthday morning started out with me, Cy, and Catch coming into her room to sing "Happy Birthday" and give her a Belle crown to wear later at her party. The rest of the day, while her mom and Aunt Heidi slaved away for the party, she played with her cousins and kept getting awesome Disney Princess gifts. Her favorite? A GIANT princess castle balloon with all of the princesses on it from Heidi. She was in heaven.

She was so excited to put on her dress that it made it very easy to get her to pose for a few pictures before everyone arrived.

Our annual pic by the cupcake:

As soon as Stella had started in on the candy bracelets, we didn't see much of her or Ava without them looking like this:

We took a few posed pictures. Stella's favorite pose was the fake laugh. It is one of Mommy's favorite photo tricks, because usually once you fake makes you really laugh. Stella is very good at both.

Singing "Happy Birthday":

Opening presents was tons of fun. Stella loved everything. She especially loved the presents Ava picked out specially for her. But other than that she did not play favorites--they were all her favorite!

Then came the big moment...her present from Mom and Dad. She first had to open a card, and what it said is so cute I just had to share it:

In all the land,
there's one lovely girl
who dazzled the kingdom
with twinkle and twirl.
She's charming and kind
and beautiful too.
She the Princess of Birthdays...
Your Sweetness, she's YOU!

Then it told her to go outside to the garage for her present...

Yes it was a car, and she looked so stinking cute driving it in that dress that I may have gone a little overboard with the pictures. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen there you go. Getting this car was kind of a miracle that was facilitated by my father calling RC Willey and demanding (in a nice way) that we get one of the sold-out promotional cars that they had promised us when we recently bought a couch. They had already turned many people away, but the gal he talked to somehow reserved a car for us and we got it. It is so fun because it comes with a remote control that we can use to drive Stella in it since she is still a little too small to drive it herself.

To end the evening she relaxed with her new Baby Snow White and watched her new copy of Tangled with her favorite boys.

And I am sorry folks, but I cannot imagine ever topping this birthday. It was a birthday of a charmed princess the likes of which not even Disney could ever dream up. And it was a joy to give the best daughter in the whole world the princess party of her dreams.


mistieleigh said...

Happy birthday stella. LOVE the dress too. What a true princess.

Christy said...

Oh my! That princess dress is amazing! She looks absolutely adorable in it. :) Looks like the party was a huge hit! The car is awesome and she really does look so cool in it with the dress spilling out everywhere. AWESOME!!
P.S. You look awesome too. :)

Lori said...

Since we totaled our call last week, maybe Stella can lend us hers??? So cute!

Kristen said...

I think you win mother of the year award and Stella wins pretty princess of the year. Very tender