Friday, June 24, 2011


About a month ago we went with Crystal and Livi to a spot in Alpine for Stella's three-year photo shoot. She was very un-Stella-like and was an absolute mess as a model. She would hardly ever look at me, and when she did her face was so fake. I was getting crazy annoyed and I threatened to not throw her a Princess party about 10 times to make her come back to me as she ran away. (Empty threats, a big Super Nanny no-no because never for one second was I actually going to cancel her party for not posing.) It was a real shame she wasn't in the mood because she was having a really good hair day!

Still, here are a few of the pictures that I don't totally hate. I credit my last few years of experience working with kids that don't want to be photographed for the fact that I have any that I like at all.

The plan was for me to also take some photos of Livi and Crystal. I caught one of them I really love and also one of both girls that I am very taken with:

This was how Stella was at the end of our adventure. It was a sheer miracle that she didn't break down like this right in the middle of our shoot. I believe she was crying: "My princess party! My princess party!" when the mean-spirited version of myself took this picture:

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