Monday, July 4, 2011


We decided to rock it urban-style this year for the 4th. Since this was the first year of my life that I have dressed in a patriotic color scheme, I insisted that we also rock a photo shoot on the roof. The new family tradition of fake laughing continued and was strongly encouraged this evening. Stella and Ava totally kill at fake laughing.

You would die if you knew how many tries it took for Ashley to get a good one of my solo jump. We were dying laughing at all the duds she managed to get. "You aren't jumping when I say 'jump'!" "Just take the picture while I am in the air." (Seems easy enough to me.) "What, I'm not the photographer?!" But I would say it was worth it...can't you just feel the whole aura of my independence as I jump up in the air in my red, white, and blue?!

Our next event was our small fireworks show down on the street. We were also nice enough to be able to share our show with a homeless guy (which if you know how I generally feel about the homeless, you will realize how angelic that was for me). The homeless guy had a few fireworks that he added to the mix too, so that was cool of him, and greatly added to the success of the show.

After we were done lighting ours, we headed to the roof again where we enjoyed about five different park displays all at once. With so many of our family members struggling with ADD, it was wild at times...but always totally fun!


Christy said...

I absolutely LOVE all the roof pictures! Looks like tons of fun!
That was awfully nice of you to share your fireworks with the homeless dude. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great tradition. They will always have happy memories of the 4th. And if they forget it’s all documented. We love you. Steven and Iva.