Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We were so lucky to have Valerie and Nellie come to Utah for a visit this weekend. We didn't really do anything official so I never took any pictures. But this was destined to change once Valerie told me about the purple jacket that she had just bought Miss Nellie. Stella has a similar "Mom bought me a purple jacket at the Gap because she had to and didn't care what it cost" jacket. Also, Val and I both happened to be wearing our matching purple flats that we had gotten at Ross like three years ago. Great shopping companions think alike, and in our case...LOVE PURPLE!

Anyway it was so fun to have both of them here, and Stella would ask about Valerie and Nellie first thing every morning. She told Valerie: "Nellie is such a delight to play with." It was sad to see them go, but it was less sad knowing that we will see them in two weeks when Stella and I head to D.C.


Christy said...

Cute jackets and shoes! I love that purple color!

mistieleigh said...

Oh my. How cute is that! Love all the purple. And love that Stella said "delight"

Lori said...

I bought that purple jacket for Piper, too! Wooooooo hooooooo for purple jackets!