Saturday, October 29, 2011


I don't think I have carved a pumpkin since my mission...the first time when I really decided that Halloween wasn't totally lame. I thought this year Stella might be old enough to enjoy some pumpkin carving. We also invited Ava. The girls were super excited, up until it was time to clean out the guts and seeds. They were then no longer interested in what carving pumpkins had to offer. They thought the task was way too gross. I was sorta shocked--I thought they would love the seeds...especially Ava. So pumpkin carving mostly became a bonding time for me and Ashley while the girls ignored us.

I hope I never forget how Ashley carved the smallest top in pumpkin carving history with her first pumpkin (tiny hole shown in second pic). "How are we going to get the seeds out of that?" I inquired. "How am I going to get a candle in there?" Ashley was unconcerned.

After we carved the top of the last pumpkin the girls took turns taking off the lid and saying how gross it was. They liked that and also loved how the pumpkins looked all lit up in the dark bathroom when their mommies had finished. It may not have been the fun adventure I was planning for Stella and Ava, but Ash and I had fun being kids again (kids with sharp knives) so it was worth it.

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mistieleigh said...

i love that you and your sister match, as well as stella and ava. too cute!