Monday, May 14, 2012


Other moms might think they have the best kid or kids, but I know for sure that I do. Stella is a joy to mother, and having her come to my room Saturday morning to tell me "We went to the store and bought bananas, yogurt, milk, and nothing is a surprise" was my favorite part of Mother's Day. Stella surprised me Sunday morning with the "nothing else" that she had bought at the store with Daddy: a balloon and a singing card. She also made a special treat at preschool that came decorated with a tissue flower that, much to Stella's delight,  I wore on my wrist to church.
I am so consumed with being Stella's mom, you can plainly see how badly I need to get my roots colored in. (These pictures were a shock to see how bad I have let my hair get.) I guess it doesn't matter--Stella loves me no matter what. (She is a sucker.)


Mistie said...

1. what cute shoes you are wearing! Love them. 2. what a cute skirt Stella has on. 3. that balloon is adorable. i have never seen a balloon quite like that. how perfect.
4. Stella really is adorable and I love this age where she innocently tells you about "a surprise." priceless.

Suzette Willmore said...

LOVE your shoes, oh and you look fabulous as well michelle!