Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It is so crazy how when I was in school it seemed like when May finally came around I felt like I had been in school forever, but now that it is Stella in school time just flies by. Today was my last day to help out at preschool and so I thought I would bring my camera to capture a day in the life of Stella at preschool. 

When she first gets to school it is play and discover time. Stella has had fun playing restaurant, post office, puppet show, building blocks, painting, and digging. She has favorite puzzles and has a great time when she first gets to school. Stella doesn't seem to have one special friend, but instead is always playing with different kids. I have loved that about this group of kids. I don't think she will ever be in a learning environment again (besides church maybe) where everyone just plays with everyone.

Snack time is always a highlight of the day. Today Stella was asked to bring her favorite treat and she picked watermelon and chocolate doughnuts. I love how she has learned to pour her own water this year at school, I think it is so cute.
After snack time comes dance or story time or some other clever thing that Mandy has ready for the kids as they sit in their spots. When I am there Stella always sits on my lap and snuggles while she listens to Mandy.

Then we break up into small groups and I help by reading a book and then doing some sort of craft that goes with the story. I always like this part because the kids are always so good for me and I get to know them better. Today we made ladybugs with stickers and read The Grouchy Ladybug.

Stella has LOVED Mandy, and calls her "my Mandy." She is always excited to tell Mandy the news in her life. I am so thankful that years ago I befriended Liz so she could tell me about Mandy and her preschool. It has been the perfect transition for Stella to start her education. Mandy has been awesome and full of energy even though she has spent the entire school year making a baby.

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Liz said...

Darling post! Mandy really is such a great transition into the world of academics. This fall will be a lot of fun, too, but no one will ever love those kids quite like Mandy does!