Saturday, December 8, 2012


No doubt about it, Stella was the most excited for her Christmas dance recital. She could hardly wait for the big day. She was so cute this morning as we got her ready and adorable to wow the audience.

Stella's dancing has much improved since last year. Her pliƩ is perfection, her adorableness divine. What a great show.

Brent was in charge of the video. We got our new video camera in the mail yesterday. It was about time since, up until now, I have been using the same camera I got from my parents in 1999. It finally started giving us subpar video so we had to give in and get current. A special thanks to Mom and Pop Sallay for the gift cards that went toward the camera, and John, Valerie, Nellie, and Charlotte for the memory card we used today.


valerie sallay said...

Glad you got it all in time!! What a cute little dancer!

Christy said...

Oh the cuteness!