Friday, December 21, 2012


Stella has gotten very particular lately about how she likes her bed before she goes to sleep. She likes to have all of her special characters with her, and often when I go and check on her before I go to bed, she is snuggled with one or more of them. 

Stella's list of must-have night-time needs:
  • cup of fresh water
  • sleeping bag straight and comfy
  • princess pillow
  • princess crown nightlight on 
  • hallway light on
  • mommy upstairs
  • music (currently her new Minnie jewelry box from Aunt Ashley)
  • Ni-Night (the threadbare blanket friend with special sleeping powers)
  • Mickey (a nighttime friend since they met at Disney World in 2011)
  • Minnie (a nighttime friend since they met on a Disney Cruise in 2012)
  • Dream Lite (saw the commercial, had to have it--Aunt Heidi sent it with love)
  • Little Gorilla (from cousin Nellie)
Meet these simple demands and you can have Stella fast asleep in anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

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Mistie said...

what a sweetheart. you will love you wrote all this down.