Thursday, April 4, 2013


Oh Easter, my favorite holiday. This year didn't really go as planned, because all three of us here at the Sallay home got strep throat (my worst case of it ever, ugh!). We still managed to have wonderful Easter celebrations though, and here is proof.

Friday we went over to Ava's house and colored eggs. The girls loved it and Ava and Stella were able to show their distinct artistic styles through the medium of eggs.

Saturday we spent the early morning getting positive tests for strep throat and I was pretty out of it. My huge Easter dinner that I had planned to cook was thwarted. The entire weekend was a blur. But thankfully, the Easter bunny has magical powers that prevent him from getting sick so that he could hippity hop it to our house and hide some eggs and leave a basket. If only he also cleaned homes and cooked hams.

Stella was an adorable egg hunter. I loved watching her discover each egg with a large intake of breath.

Easter dinner with the family was postponed until Tuesday night. It took the whole day to prepare for it, and it was a bit tiring since I was still recovering from the illness that had struck me down over the weekend. I mostly kept busy making sugar cookies. I made way too many, and the frosting didn't turn out right, but everyone loved them anyway. Dinner was very good and thankfully, everyone was still able to make it. Even though I forgot to put out the shrimp, it went well. Then after dinner, most everyone stayed to watch Les Mis√©rables in the basement.

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