Friday, April 5, 2013


This week was spring break and we were lucky to be able to spend it with the Douglas family. Stella was thrilled with the idea that her friends were going to be here for a WHOLE week. We of course mostly just hung out and let the kids run wild. Plus I was still on the mend from strep throat for the first part of the week. But the kids were just constantly entertaining themselves. They also took no time to warm up to each other. When they first got here, Aedan knocked at the door, Stella answered, Aedan said "Hi, Stella," and the playtime began.

On Wednesday we decided to take TRAX downtown and check out City Creek. The kids were thrilled with the train and giggled each time that it stopped and started again. 

They loved the fountains and walking around. They are such great pals. We also had to get another picture of them jumping in front of the temple like the one we took a few years ago.

A while back I saw Cali wearing some Hello Kitty pajamas on Christy's blog that matched a pair that Stella had. So of course I told her that we had to get a picture of the dynamic duo in their matching PJs. 

It was a great visit and Stella had the best time. It is always good for her when she gets to spend time with some of her favorite friends.

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valerie sallay said...

so fun! Glad you guys are doing better.. I can not believe how big Stella is getting..